Praise Report: Experiencing God’s Favor In Career And Business

Pastor Prince, I am a twenty-six-year-old who lived the last few years with no regard for God. I spent all my time in nightclubs and bars, and was homeless and jobless for almost a year.

One day, the Lord reached out to me and I began to seek Him. But I struggled in my walk and relationship with Him until I came across your ministry. Your teachings about faith and grace are a tremendous blessing. I learned about God’s love in ways I never knew before.

After I was baptized, I continued to watch your teachings online. Two months later, I was hired by the most affluent company in the country and promoted to a position that was created to fit my skill set even before my probation ended. On top of that, my boss is a believer and he mentors me every day.

As I write this testimony, I have also set up my own farm and am building my own graphic design company. Several people have remarked how quickly my life has turned around. I always tell them that I owe it all to God and simply believed right in His Word.

I still listen to your messages while travelling to work and on the way home every day. I also watch your teachings online daily and will play your messages on repeat mode. I really love your messages as they speak to me.

I hope you will visit my country one day and share the gospel of grace with churches here. Many people are still living under the old covenant of the law without knowing it. Thank you so much for all the work you’ve done in preaching the gospel. I pray your ministry will reach the furthest ends of the earth.

God bless you!

Collin Rwabahima | Uganda

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