Praise Report: Experiencing Amazing Restoration in Marriage and Career

In 2013, after two years of extraordinary loss and sadness, the light of hope started to break the darkness I felt in my life. Through Pastor Prince’s teachings, the grace message elevated me to believe in God’s amazing restoration. After losing my mother, spouse, and daughter, I never imagined God’s grace was able to mend the brokenness in my life. He miraculously gave me beauty for ashes!

In short, God filled me with His love and gave me the honor to be a husband once again! I love my wife—her determination and passion for the Word. She was the one who introduced Pastor Prince’s teachings to me. We have been married now for three years, and we have been listening to his messages and have also read his book Live the Let-go Life.

I also want to share the ongoing favor I have experienced in the area of my work. I was blessed with remarkable stability in my income despite all that was going on in my work place. My direct supervisor had made things difficult, often poking fun at my Christian values during meetings and highlighting moments when he thought I was underperforming. He further commented that he did not like the fact that I was getting more than what he was making and eventually approached the company owner to change my pay structure. This would result in me receiving a thirty percent pay cut.

I believed then it was time to move on. I thought that maybe this was part of “living the let-go life.” For more than six months I sought for a career move that would get me out of my supervisor’s personal vendetta. After several interviews and numerous rejections, I started to feel discouraged.

Thank God for my amazing wife who was right there to remind me that something better was coming my way. She would remind me to “live the let go life.” Shortly after a series of rejections from other companies, I was offered a new position as a department director. This was an answered prayer!

Before I officially accepted the offer, I felt it best to honor the owner of the company by making clear my intentions to leave. I let him know I would be leaving in a short period of time to take on a new position elsewhere. He was shocked and looked sad as he listened. He asked me to tell him the truth behind why I was leaving. Though I was not prepared to, I had to trust that the truth was also in his best interest. When I told him all that had happened, he asked me if I would reconsider my decision.

He offered me a promotion and asked me to consider running one of his other operational locations. He proposed a compensation package and a position now equal with the supervisor that had made my life so difficult. I felt like I was living out the story of Mordecai being promoted by Xerxes in the book of Esther.

I have since accepted this amazing promotion. When I returned home and told my wife all that had happened, I confessed to her that I was shocked by the sudden promotion. She looked somewhat baffled, asked me why, and remarked that this was living the let-go life and trusting that God would promote me beyond human reason.

I am convinced that God’s promises are real, just as Psalm 55:22 reads: “Cast your burden on the Lord, and He shall sustain you, He shall never permit the righteous to be moved.”

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your ministry. I hope that this testimony encourages others. Praise God!

Darren Richards | Kansas, United States

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  • Paul GodsBeloved Mwaùra says:

    Praise Jesus! This reminds me of a phrase in Joseph Prince’s message titled “WHERE IS GOD IN THE MIDST OF TROUBLE?”. Taught from the book of Esther. He says “When God turns it around, its TURNED my friend!”.
    He turned it around for this guy for sure. “Harman” hung in the gallows he prepared for “Mordecai” LOL

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