Praise Report: Experienced speedy healing from shoulder pain after Vision Sunday

I had been plagued with a nagging stiffness in my right shoulder joint since August 2021. Initially, I did not give it too much attention thinking that it would go away soon.

However, two months later, it degenerated into a constant excruciating pain not only at the joint area, but also around my chest and forearm. At one point, the pain got so bad that I could not even raise my right arm or use my right hand to touch my shoulders.

I would apply medicated plasters on my shoulder, and even resorted to going for therapies and taking anti-inflammatory supplements.

It was a roller-coaster ride. On good days, I would just experience a dull ache, but on bad days, I would be totally wasted. In the last week of December, my condition worsened due to the cold weather, and I could not even sleep properly for many nights.

Then, on Vision Sunday, Pastor Prince declared that 2022 is The Year Of Rest And Acceleration, and he went on to share that forgiveness and healing were provided for when the blood of Jesus was sprinkled on the mercy seat. Immediately, I could sense the Lord’s hand on my shoulder and I uttered a simple “Amen” to receive His healing touch and rested in His finished work.

That afternoon, I took a nap and when I woke up, I realised that the pain in my right shoulder was all gone! I received my healing manifestation in my sleep!

I was overjoyed when I could reach for my left shoulder using my right hand after such a long while. I was also able to turn my right forearm without experiencing any pain! Praise the Lord for His healing touch and I believe that this is the first of many accelerations of His grace and blessings to manifest in the year 2022!

Anonymous | Singapore

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