Praise Report: Experienced God’s Protection During Work

A couple of years ago, I started a job in public transit that required me to work all over the city in different subway stations every night. As a junior employee, I had to man and close these stations till two o’clock in the morning.

In my city, there are people who like to loiter around at night and make trouble. Most of them would be intoxicated or high on drugs, causing trouble for customers and transit employees like me.

When I first began this high-risk job, I distinctly heard the Lord say to me, “Don’t expect trouble, expect favor.” I kept these words in my heart and expected favor in every shift. I’m happy to report that I have not run into a single problem in my two years of work! After hearing Pastor Prince’s teaching on Psalm 91, I began to declare it wherever I went.

I would be working at a station and hear on our radio that a stabbing had taken place over at the next station. I would be taken out of a shift and sent to another place, only to find out later that a fire had broken out at the previous place I was at.

My other colleagues have been physically assaulted and harassed, but no one has ever tried to hurt me. I had been in a station where a shooting took place but the Lord had made it so that I was safe in a secure booth.

After COVID-19 broke out, my co-workers became afraid of even coming to work. But with Psalm 91 in my mind, I know I am loved and safe. Every day I go to work with His favor and protection in my mind and heart.

The Lord has been so faithful and good. Thank You, Jesus, for being my everything. I give all the honor and glory to You!

Christine Natividad | Canada

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