Praise Report: Excruciating back pain gone

I had been suffering from an excruciating back pain for about six months.

During that time, I had been surviving on powerful painkillers and wearing a lumbar corset day and night. The pain greatly affected my life. I was constantly depressed because I couldn’t even perform simple tasks like making my bed or get involved in any activity that required me to bend. I felt useless.

During the service on Sunday, 18 July, Pastor Prince asked those who were sick to place their hand on their afflicted area. So, I placed my hand on my back and when I did so, I felt a warm tingly sensation in my back.

Within the next few days, my back pain disappeared and now, I can bend completely! No more painkillers or back corset! Praise God!  

Anonymous | Kenya

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  • Karin Napp says:

    Hallelujah, groß ist unser Herr,
    Wundervoll was Er tagtäglich tun um Menschen zu heilen.
    Danke für unsere lieben Geschwister wodurch der Herr dient 💞😀

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