Praise Report: Enjoying the Favor of God in Marriage, Family, Work

I first encountered Joseph Prince’s teaching when I listened to his Finding Your Life Partner messages. A friend had passed the CDs to me. It was so good that I decided to buy the album as a birthday gift for a friend who had lost her fiancé in an accident some years ago. This friend enjoyed the messages and a week after listening to it, she met a loving man whom she is now married to. I also bought myself the album and I am now married to a handsome, gracious man, whose family loves me too.

Besides marrying into a wonderful family, Daddy God has also blessed me and my husband with a beautiful, big house in a nice suburb. Our house number is fifty-five and that to me is a testament of how my Daddy God just loves to give to me liberally. He also provided for all our wedding and honeymoon requirements and expenses.

In addition, my brother, who was mentally ill, was completely healed and has a sound mind now. I prayed for him in tongues and my family started taking the Holy Communion and using the anointing oil every day for his healing. During that period, a door also opened for me to work in a job that pays very well. With the higher pay, my husband and I have started a business.

Every day, I record the Destined To Reign program on Trinity Broadcasting Network Africa. I’ve also read Unmerited Favor. Through Pastor Prince’s teachings, I had a revelation about the new covenant and how much God loves me. Other young people that I’m acquainted to have also started listening to Joseph Prince’s teaching because of the favor of God that they are seeing in my life.

Thank you, Pastor Prince! We love you, your family, and your church. Be greatly blessed, highly favored, and deeply loved!

Londiwe | South Africa

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