Praise Report: Driver’s License and Bank Cards Recovered Against Tough Odds

Pastor Prince, my family and I traveled from Cleveland, Ohio, to attend the first worship service of your USA Tour on Sunday, October 13, 2019 at Madison Square Garden.

During the service my heart was uplifted as I saw my teenage children raising their hands to worship the Lord, surrounded by thousands of other believers, who were also worshiping the Lord. It was an incredible experience for all of us.

You mentioned how when we hear a voice asking, What are you going to do about it, that is the time to praise and worship the Lord, remembering we are in Christ Jesus. It is not up to us to do the work, but we are to work to enter His rest.

My family and I left the service feeling so blessed. Just as we were looking at my phone for directions to get food, someone suddenly knocked into me. My phone went flying into the air along with it my driver’s license and bank cards that were in the phone case. I managed to pick up my phone, but I noticed that my driver’s license, credit card, and debit/bank card had fallen into the subway grate and were about ten feet down the hole. I had so many questions in my head—how are we to get home, how can we check out of the hotel, and what are we going to eat—because my debit card was gone. I had this thought: You just got out of a praise and worship service. Look at what you got for bringing your family to that and WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

Immediately, I just prayed and said, “Our Lord has this and He has us. We are highly favored,” and my family agreed. I ran down into the subway area looking for someone to help me, but the Metropolitan Transportation Authority was closed because it was after 10pm. A kind subway officer gave me a couple numbers to try, but it wasn’t looking good. The next day was a national holiday so all of the offices would be closed. When I went back outside where my family was waiting, rain started pouring. I laughed and took the rain as blessings falling from heaven. I started to say out loud, “I know what I am going to do about this. I am going to praise Jesus and pray for everyone who walks past me on this sidewalk.” I then called three different numbers trying to get someone to help us get my cards out of the subway grate. In my last call, a very nice woman listened to my story and made some arrangements for a squad car from the 14th NYPD precinct to help. I thanked her over and over. The squad car arrived almost immediately and two extremely professional and kind NYPD officers came out to survey the situation. The next thing I knew, they had called a special unit with specially trained officers to come and help. They formed a barricade around the grate and my family.

Many people stopped by to ask us what was going on. I had the opportunity to share with them what had happened and kept repeating that what the enemy means for our harm, our Lord turns around for our good because we are highly favored. Well, two hours later, the NYPD officers not only got the grate open, but they also climbed down into the filthy hole to retrieve all three of my cards.

My family and I thanked them and prayed over them. I saw that the Lord had shown my family that HE IS REAL and that HE CARED about us to the point that He had not just one but two NYPD units sent out to help us. Now that is what we call being highly favored.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for sharing the Lord’s love and wisdom through your ministry. My family and I appreciate you and pray our Lord’s perfect will upon you, your wife, your children, and your ministry. We love you and we love our Lord Jesus!

Rhonda Scharf | Ohio, United States

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