Praise Report: Divine Protection During Felling Of Tree

I was tree logging with my husband on our farm land some time ago, and would like to share how I experienced God’s protection.

We were having difficulty in felling a large tree so we pushed with all our strength to bring it down. While we managed to push it over, it snagged one of the smaller trees that had been felled earlier and hurled it up into the air. The tree flew in the direction of my head and hit it, but amazingly, it simply bounced off my head. My husband and I heard an audible bouncing sound and I was left unharmed.

There was no bump or sore spot on my head. In fact, I think I caused a sore spot by overly rubbing my head to make sure I wasn’t in a state of shock. I went to bed that night feeling apprehensive and even entertained thoughts that I had some kind of head injury and would pass away in my sleep.

However, I woke up well and fine the next morning, and it was then that I truly believed that I had experienced a miracle. I am so thrilled about God’s protection, having been praying and meditating often on Psalm 91, ever since Pastor Prince mentioned it in one of his daily devotionals.

This example is just one of many instances of God’s protection in our lives. Many a time, we have had extraordinary circumstances happen to us and somehow, we’ve miraculously survived. God is good and He really, really loves us! Praise the Lord, and Amen!

Rachel Gibb | Canada

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