Praise Report: Diagnosed With Stage-Four Lung Cancer, Now Completely Free Of Cancer Cells

I was born in 1963 and ever since I could remember, I was lost in a world full of drugs and alcohol. This continued until the year 2008, when I came to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Since then, my life has not been the same as I have found unspeakable peace, love, forgiveness, and grace though Christ Jesus.

My hunger to learn more about my Savior has been insatiable. I began watching Joseph Prince’s television broadcast shortly after being saved and have watched it every day now for six years. The grace message he teaches is wonderful and I have learned so many things about Jesus and His love for me!

On October 31, 2013, I was diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer. The doctors gave me six to eighteen months to live. At first, I was very angry with God. I wondered how a loving God could allow such a horrible disease to come on me. When my anger with God dissipated, I began praying day and night, asking God to heal me of the cancer. Although I went through six months of debilitating chemotherapy, I kept praying, even when I was bedridden with sickness due to the chemotherapy.

The first three rounds of chemotherapy were the hardest, because the drug I was given made me very ill and unable to eat solid food for weeks after starting on it. But I continued to pray and watch Pastor Prince’s television program.

After only three rounds of the chemotherapy, it was time for another CT scan. This was my third or fourth CT scan. When my doctor got hold of the results of my CT scan, she told me my cancer had shrunk to an almost undetectable size. What was once full-blown, stage-four lung cancer had now become something my doctor could barely detect!

My fifth and last CT scan was in August 2014. It revealed that my cancer was entirely gone! My doctors were totally baffled by this and they told me that they had never, in their careers, seen anyone with stage-four lung cancer have their cancer cells disappear completely. This was coming from doctors in one of the top ten cancer treatment centers in America! They also told me I was among the two percent of people whose lung cancer had gone away completely. I told them from the very beginning that Jesus was with me and that He would heal me.

One year ago, the doctors gave me six to eighteen months to live. Now, they tell me I could possibly live a very long, cancer-free life. I know I will, because of Jesus. All glory to Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior! He is alive today and still performing His healing miracles. I am living proof!

Jeff Schmalz | Ohio, United States

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