Praise Report: Dental Clinic Protected from Water Damage

I work as a dentist. Two weeks ago, I was informed by my staff that water was leaking in our neighbouring units.

Even though I was very concerned, I decided it was best to complete my patient’s dental procedure first. Immediately, I was reminded of Pastor Prince’s preaching on Psalm 91. Under my breath, I declared verse 7 over my situation that “a thousand may fall at my side and ten thousand at my right hand, but it shall not come near me.”

As soon as the dental procedure was completed, I rushed out to take a look. I was stunned. The place looked as if a storm had gushed through my neighbours’ premises. Sections of their ceiling boards had caved in and their carpets were soaked in water about 1 to 2 cm high.

Apparently, renovation works happening in the unit above my clinic had caused the main water pipe in the building to burst. The building’s management team were out in full force. People were in despair and it seemed like it would take weeks to repair the extensive damage, not to mention the disruption to the businesses.

I rushed back to my clinic, grabbed a ladder to climb up and opened the ceiling boards to check. To my surprise, the ceiling was bone dry! I lifted our floorboards where our water pipes and electrical wires were laid and there was not a single drop of water.

When the building’s management team came and check our premises, they could not believe that my clinic was not affected at all as all the units on the same level share the same ceiling and floor plates. I simply told them it was God’s grace and gave thanks to the Lord!

Praise the Lord for His protection that spared my clinic from this disaster. He is truly our peace and shalom.

Ong E C | Singapore

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