Praise Report: Delivered from Vibrations and Twitching in the Body

I thought I was going crazy as I had been feeling vibrations in my body. The feelings were so intense I could hardly sleep at night. The muscles in my legs and arms would be twitching. I would even get the vibrations when I was in the shower or at work. It was so bad that sometimes I thought I was experiencing an earthquake.

The vibrating sensations became so strong that I just wanted to give up all my dreams and die. I’m only forty-one years old, and I couldn’t give up because I have a family who depends on me.

I went to different doctors who gave me different diagnoses based on different tests using EEG (electroencephalogram) recordings and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans. During one MRI scan, I panicked when I opened my eyes and saw myself confined in the machine. Then I remembered God’s promise that He would keep me in His perfect peace as I stayed my mind on Him. I began to feel at peace and even felt as if someone was holding my thighs throughout the twenty-minute procedure.

I listened to Joseph Prince’s audiobook Eat Your Way to Life and Health and started to partake of the holy Communion daily, even twice a day. The greatest revelation God gave me was that I can rest in His faith as He has taken away all my diseases, depression, pains, and fears. I started to feel less of the vibrations and was able to sleep well again.

I cried while driving when my neurologist called to say that all my test reports were normal. It has been eight months now and praise God, I don’t feel any more vibrations while standing or sleeping.

I am so overwhelmed by the goodness and faithfulness of God. Pastor Prince, I am thankful to God for all your teachings. I know He instills in my heart every word you’ve said as I meditate on them while driving, while in the gym, and before I sleep. Thank you!

John G | California, United States