Praise Report: Delivered from Throat Cancer and Addictions

I was molested when I was eight years old and exposed to sexual perversions from then on. Although I grew up in church and accepted Jesus as my Savior, I never knew how to break away from my strongholds. My parents, who are believers, also didn’t know how to help me.

At the age of twelve, I turned to drugs and alcohol. I married after graduating from high school and later joined the army for three years. That turned into another run of sex, drinking, and drugs that carried on for nine years. My wife left me and took our kids along.

One day, I ended up killing a man who came to my house and attacked me in my driveway. I was cleared of all charges because his sister told the grand jury about her brother’s anger and history of physical abuse. But some people were threatening to kill me and burn down my house. I had to move three hundred miles away and start all over.

All these compounded my problems and sent me into a downward spiral in the years ahead. To avoid the thoughts in my mind, I continued with all my bad habits even while seeking counseling and help at every turn. I got remarried and tried to go to church. The marriage lasted only about three years.

I had to move back in with my parents after that and started my own construction business. I was still trying to go to church with my parents and going to a lot of Christian conferences looking for deliverance. During that time, I met a Filipino lady and married her. But I was still having problems and was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). So I continued searching and seeking help, going from church to church, pastor to pastor, counselor to counselor.

Then in 2005, I was exposed to black mold in a house I was repairing. It got into my lungs and triggered allergies to everything that has fragrance and chemical odors! I had to pretty much avoid contact with the outside world. Other than trips to the VA medical center, I couldn’t go to any church or anywhere else.

I fought for four years for social security disability insurance. I had no income and I had to declare bankruptcy. I finally got my social security disability insurance approved in 2010. During this time, I was still trying to mask my problems with drugs while praying to God for deliverance.

With the respiratory problems, I was limited to television ministries I could watch from home and God caused me to stumble across Joseph Prince. I started speaking that I was the righteousness of God through Jesus even when I was still physically high doing drugs and selling them for money to live on.

In early 2016, I started losing my voice. We made countless trips to the VA emergency room for five months, but they couldn’t find a cause. I eventually went to an ENT specialist who did a throat biopsy and found HPV (human papilloma virus) with squamous cell cancer in it. He did not want to send me straight for radiation treatments till it was bad enough, because the treatments would not only kill my taste buds, voice, and teeth, but also ruin my throat and eventually kill me.

Meanwhile, my wife and I continued listening to Pastor Prince, confessing righteousness in Jesus, and partaking of the Holy Communion for healing. Somewhere around that time, I suddenly realized that ALL DESIRES to do drugs, drink, look at porn, or do anything bad I had been previously doing were gone. Instead, I had an unquenchable hunger to hear God’s Word and praise Him. I was thankful for His presence I experienced daily. On top of that, when another biopsy was done on my throat six months later, there was no sign of cancer!

I am sharing all this to say how good God is. Thank You, Jesus! Even though I’m still taking allergy shots to relieve the symptoms of emphysema, I’m believing God that my healing will eventually come in alignment with the truth that Jesus has done the work and died for my healing.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your ministry. When people ask me where I am going to church and learning these things, it really opens doors for conversation when I tell them Singapore!

JK | North Carolina, United States


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