Praise Report: Delivered from Severe Panic Attacks, Stomach and Sleep Problems

Pastor Prince, I’ve been a widow for 20 years. My husband died when my boys were 2 and 6. Five years ago, I came down with severe anxiety and panic attacks that nearly killed me had I not cried out to Jesus.

My symptoms were horrible—they affected my blood pressure and sugar levels, digestive system, energy, thoughts, nerves, breathing, and more. There were episodes that left me so light-headed that it took all of me to not pass out. I also had to quit work and file for disability.

One day, a church friend told me about your ministry, and I started watching you preach. To my surprise, you ministered greatly to my spirit and answered questions I’ve always had. But what was so astounding was when you shared how to speak God’s Word and come against the problems in your life.

It so happened a huge wave of anxiety came over me suddenly and made me so tired and light-headed the next day. I didn’t understand how that could happen when I was on all my medication, and I was actually feeling better earlier that day. I kept saying to myself, “This is crazy, I was fine a second ago!”

Then I felt God reminding me to say the words that Pastor Prince said the night before. Even though I didn’t have faith, I said out loud anyway, “I am the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ. His grace is sufficient for me. This anxiety must go.” And to my great surprise and delight, that spell of anxiety instantly lifted off me.

I was shocked and bewildered. I didn’t know what to do. I had so many questions and in my confusion, I pulled away from your ministry even though God kept trying to lead me back. I needed to sort out what was happening and what was God’s truth in the matter. Finally, I came to the realization that He wanted me healed and well.

The Lord got me to watch you preach again and I heard you mention healing through partaking of the holy Communion. Well, I knew you were anointed so I immediately bought the Communion elements and partook of the Communion the next day. To my delight, I slept extremely well that night when I used to have great trouble sleeping. I knew something had changed.

I continued receiving the Communion almost every day. It was the beginning of my great healing. But the battle wasn’t easy. I continued speaking Bible verses such as 2 Timothy 1:7 against the attacks when they came. I prayed a lot, cried out to God, and continued hearing and hearing the Word from your ministry.

Two years ago, God completely healed me of anxiety and panic attacks. All the horrible conditions in my body from anxiety went away, and I got off all the medicines that were causing side effects as well.

Sometime later when I was listening to your sermon, you also spoke healing over people with stomach or gastrointestinal issues that made them unable to eat salads. I knew you were speaking to me as well because I’d been unable to eat salads for years. When you mentioned you could feel a chill in the air because of the Lord’s presence, I knew that healing was for me as a chill came over me.

The Lord confirmed it by telling me, “You are healed, Debi. You can now eat salads.” And I’ve been eating and enjoying salads ever since! Hallelujah!

It’s taken me some time to regain my physical and emotional strength, but I have it more than ever now, and I can say with certainty that I’m FREE! I know God is in control and is blessing me tremendously. Your ministry has set me free from bondage to sickness, delivered to me the true gospel of grace, and answered and confirmed many questions and thoughts I’ve had about the Bible over the years.

I have found such a freedom that I claim God’s promises in the midst of all kinds of problems in my life now, anything from a headache to relationship issues. God has shown me the truths for winning spiritual battles and I use them!

I also continue to partake of the holy Communion every day, and I’ve never felt so free. I look to the future seasons of my life with great hope and expectancy like never before, as I continue to sit under your ministry and teachings. I know God has important plans for my life, and that I can live it in great health and youthfulness!

Thank you so much for your great teachings of the Bible’s truths and helping us “live life abundant and to the full’ by giving us the tools and insights we so desperately need in this day and age. I’ve never felt so blessed in all my life!

Debi | New York, United States

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