Praise Report: Delivered from Paralyzing Fear and Anxiety

I was born again when I was 16 and tried to live the “right” way. But ultimately I couldn’t do it and had no peace within my soul. In the last couple of years, I began to have an enormous desire to really know God but prior experiences kept me away from church and my emptiness grew.

I had a very difficult childhood riddled with abuse. I also went through 2 failed marriages and multiple miscarriages, lost family members, and nearly died in an emergency room. All of this finally took its toll on my mental well-being, and I began to seriously fear death.

Anxiety and fear grew and had such a hold on my life that I became paralyzed with the fear of dying. I wouldn’t take any medicine for fear of bad reactions and didn’t want to be left alone for fear I might suffer a heart attack. I came to the point of needing in-patient psychiatric care.

Then my sister sent me Pastor Prince’s book Live the Let-go Life. Reading the first few pages made me begin to really understand the peace of God. The more I read, the more I spoke to God, and the more weight was lifted from my shoulders.

I felt led to be baptized again, and I cannot explain in words what happened the moment I emerged from the water. I suddenly felt different, and a happiness I’d never known penetrated my soul. The emptiness was gone and has been replaced by peace! My only desire now is to find out how God wants me to serve Him with the rest of my life.

Pastor Prince, I cannot begin to thank you for your book—it is truly life-changing!

Tammy Walls | Michigan, United States

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