Praise Report: Delivered From Fear, Enjoying Work Given


I am eternally thankful to our AWESOME heavenly Dad who has lavished such tremendous love on me, all through hearing the glorious gospel of GRACE!

Only about two years ago, I was sitting in my apartment believing that the devil was going to kill me. I had no physical symptoms to warrant this belief but fear had a hold on me then. As a result, I was enduring all sorts of challenges.

Despite my erroneous beliefs, my heavenly Dad was holding on to me. He caused a woman to cross my path and to tell me about Joseph Prince Ministries.

As I started watching Joseph Prince on television, listening to his sermon CDs and reading his book, Destined To Reign, my fears started to dissipate. My heavenly Dad brought me out of the spiritual darkness I was in and gave me the courage to walk away from a religious, cult-like church I was involved with for 12 years.

I am so happy to say I am not the same person I was two years ago, all by God’s grace! I have such a peace and courage to face each new day. I know His presence is always with me, that I am His beloved and He loves me dearly.

I am seeing my circumstances change for His glory too! About two months ago, I saw His unmerited favor and the beginning of restoration in my life. After confessing favor and watching Joseph Prince teach on restoration, I returned a phone call to a potential employer who had contacted me for an interview. I was expecting the interview to be scheduled for another day but instead, I was asked to go for it that day. The company had also asked me to look up their website to prepare for the interview.

I did my best to prepare but there was not enough time to prepare as well as I would have liked to. I just kept trusting my Abba and remembering that His grace is flowing through me and working effectively in my life. I got to the interview with a strong sense of His presence and knew things would go well. They did!

Despite the lack of preparation, the company offered me the role I’d applied for and I know this happened all by His GRACE! I am already working part-time and so now I have two positions, both of which I enjoy, and both in the industry of my choice!

Thank You, Jesus! I know this is just the beginning of a greater restoration that God is bringing into my life. I know and believe that He will bring me into rich fulfillment! He is just that GOOD and there is no other like Him! Hallelujah!

I’m very grateful for Joseph Prince and his ministry for unveiling Jesus to me. Every resource I received from this ministry is a blessing! Thank you!

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Florida, US

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