Praise Report: Delivered From Domestic Abuse And Having Needs Met

After listening to Joseph Prince for several years, my understanding in Jesus’ love for me has grown and grown. I also began to trust Him regarding my marriage that was completely broken.

My children and I were suffering abuse from my husband of 18 years and it seemed that everyone in the home was wilting and dying. We were all depressed and felt stuck in a hopeless situation. Well, all that changed when my husband attacked me. God gave me the courage to call the police, who told me to file a restraining order. Never in a million years did I think I would ever do that but I realized that God was with me and He did not want us living that way.

I have been blessed to be able to stay in our home and keep our brand new car—both of which were completely paid off. These are blessings because when my husband left, he withdrew all the money out of our joint account, leaving me with less than $200. But, praise God, almost immediately, Jesus pointed out a few thousand dollars from an airfare purchase made a few months ago but were never refunded. Somehow, my husband and I missed that, but I knew that Jesus hid the money for me for just the right time. Boy, did that come in handy!

I can stay in my home, with no mortgage, am able to drive a fully-paid car and have money enough to pay monthly bills for a few months while I look for a job, which I’m sure Jesus has already prepared for me.

For so long I wondered how I was going to make it since I’d been a stay-at-home mom for years. God has not only delivered me from the violence but has supplied every thing that my children and I needed. I want to encourage other women out there to trust God and know that if you’re in an abusive relationship, don’t worry about how you’re going to make it. Begin to believe that God has a way out for you as well as the supply to meet your every need.

Thank you, Joseph Prince, for teaching and training up God’s people in His grace. It really is ALL about Jesus.

Debbie S | Missouri, US


  • Mary says:

    Praise God for your deliverance! The Lord also delivered from domestic violence and adultery! I’m safe from my husband and know that God will restore to me a new one. I also want to encourage people that you do not have to stay with a spouse who abuses you or cheats on you. Do not condemn yourself or let others condemn you. You can get divorced and allow God to provide you with a restored marriage or a new one. God bless you sister!

  • sabina says:

    Thank you for sharing I am over joyed for you….

  • Alistair Kapurura says:

    Thank you so much for this testimony..l am inspired.God will surely deliver me also

  • Alistair Kapurura says:

    l am inspired..Thank you so much …

  • Paul says:

    What a testimony! It happens both ways by the way. Am hoping to be delivered from a bad relationship too. My wife doesnt want anything to do with grace and she cheats. It takes God’s wisdom though on how to go about it. Am listening to Joseph Prince’s messages on wisdom and asking God for wisdom. This testimony really spoke to me. You can be under grace but suffering under an abusive spouse. But Jesus always comes through for us.

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