Praise Report: Delivered from Deep Depression after Partaking Communion

I left an abusive marriage of 12 years, and my kids live with my ex-husband. I only am able to see them twice a year because I live 12 hours away.

After my last visit to see my kids last year, I fell into a deep depression. I couldn’t get out of bed and slept up to 20 hours a day. Medications didn’t help me. I lost 58 pounds in 5 months because I couldn’t eat.

Pastor Prince, I have been listening to your sermons on the holy Communion, literally for 24 hours on some days. I let them play as I sleep and listen for the few hours I am awake.

The revelation I received on the Communion has helped me step out of such deep darkness and depression. God showed me while I was standing in a line at Walmart waiting for my medication that His daily bread was my daily healing—for today, not yesterday or tomorrow, but today. Like with the mana that fell, if the children of Israel tried to keep it for the next day, it would spoil. Every day God provided new mana.

God told me it is the same with the Communion. That today He supplies all my healing through the elements of bread and juice, the simple things that represents what His Son did on the cross. And He said to me that when tomorrow comes, He will provide me with new bread and new healing for that day. So I began to take the Communion every day, and especially when I had really dark moments.

And here I stand depression-free. God has restored hope in my life. Understanding the Communion better has given me hope and showed me that without Jesus hope is just an empty word.

All praise to God for His revelation! And thanks to people like you who never stray from preaching His truth.

Carey | Kentucky, United States

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