Praise Report: Delivered from Breast Cancer

In September 2019, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The doctors found a 6 cm tumor in my breast and detected cancer in a nearby lymph node. My family had already been partaking of the holy Communion on a regular basis but after this diagnosis, we partook of it daily, declaring what Jesus did for us on the cross. 

I studied and read many books on healing, including Joseph Prince’s book Eat Your Way to Life and Health. I started chemotherapy and shortly after, I could no longer feel the tumor. I knew I was healed but it would be a while before I could confirm it with the doctor. I stood firm on what Jesus said in His Word and when doubt crept into my heart, I would listen to sermons.  

Two weeks before my surgery to remove what’s left of the tumor, I was quarantined at home. I was getting headaches and was afraid and anxious that it was a sign the cancer had spread. Then I happened to chance upon Pastor Prince’s live sermon Dwell Safely in the Secret Place on Facebook.  

At the end of the service, he called out someone watching who has a growth in her breast and declared healing. He also ministered to people with migraines who were afraid of telling the doctor about them. I was sobbing! My headaches stopped, and I knew that message was for me. 

I went for my surgery and despite all the doctors telling me it was unlikely all the cancer would be gone, the pathology report came back showing I had no cancer left in my body! They called it a full pathological response (disappearance of all invasive cancer in the breast after completion of chemotherapy). God has healed me, praise be to the Lord! 

Since then, God has been prompting me to share the message of grace and the holy Communion with someone every month. I gift them with Pastor Prince’s devotional and the Communion elements along with my testimony. I’ve already heard back from several people that the Lord is changing their situations too! 

Angelina | Virginia, United States 

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