Praise Report: Debt-Free After Receiving Grace

My life has been completely transformed after being exposed to the gospel of grace. I first saw Pastor Joseph Prince on television in 2008 but it was only in 2014 that the gospel of grace began making so much sense to me as I spent more and more time listening, reading, and meditating on the truths of God’s Word. Through the gospel of grace, my mind and spiritual understanding have been enlightened. I have also experienced freedom from wrong doctrines.

I was held captive under teachings that portrayed the God the Father as someone who will hurt you if you don’t do right. The teachings also did not support spiritual growth but instead, produced condemnation. We were told how the fire of God will consume us or those who did wrong to us. That was frightening. By the time the church service ended, I’d regret why I ever went in the first place.

Finally, I left the church and found another one that preaches the grace of God. I am blessed every time I step into the house of God. I am excited going to church. Just the thought of it brings joy and satisfaction. That is abundant life.

I am a very young professional and I have received a substantial pay raise. My Father has blessed me with a wonderful man and we will be getting married soon. My family is now more receptive to the gospel of grace and my education is also flourishing. There is nothing anyone can trade for the gospel of grace. This gospel is all that we need to live our best and most enjoyable life.

As I write this testimony today, I am financially debt-free, living my best life in Christ every day, and enjoying the simplicity of my walk with the Father. Being debt-free in America is not something many people come close to. But because of the gospel of grace, every debt I had have been taken care of.

My family and I have also been partaking in the Holy Communion as often as we can. Our lives have been transformed. The youthfulness we have experienced is beyond our understanding. We look better than we ever did one year ago and people have been asking us to tell them the secret.

Pastor Joseph Prince, thank you, for sharing the gospel of grace to the world. I thank my Father for using you in such a wonderful way.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Maryland, United States

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