Praise Report: Daughter Protected From Car Wreck, Receives New Car

Recently, I listened to Pastor Prince preach about pleading the blood of Jesus over a loved one in prayer. That night, I woke up at 3am in the morning, feeling a heavy prompting from God to pray for my daughter. I started praying and I asked for the blood of Jesus to cover her, protect her, and keep her safe.

The next morning, my younger brother told me that my daughter had just been in a wreck on the Interstate highway. The vehicle hydroplaned and slammed into the concrete divider. It was thrown back across two lanes and ended up in a ditch.

Even though all of the airbags were deployed and glass on the windows shattered, my daughter only received a small scratch on her arm. I plead the blood of Jesus over my daughter every day now.

Also, we were over-compensated with the insurance payout for the totalled vehicle—the amount was more than what we originally paid for the car. Jesus also found my daughter another car that was newer and nicer than the wrecked car. The man selling the car had advertised it for its true value but because he had no response, ended up reducing the asking price every week. Right when my daughter needed another car, he finally advertised the car several thousand dollars below its original value. God not only protected my daughter, but He also provided a new car for her at a price affordable to her!

I have been so blessed since receiving the ministry of grace. My eyes have been opened, but more importantly, my heart has been opened.

Thank you!

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Oregon, United States



  • Claes Strom says:

    Since I started to listen to Pastor Joseph Prince my heart has changed a lot! I’ve been much more Christ focused. After being a Christian for 40 years I’ve not seen so much of JESUS since I started to listen to GRACE teaching! I give thanks and praise to my Wonderful Lord and savior Jesus Christ!

  • buhril lalhrietzing says:

    Good morning pastor Joseph prince..I m glad to here your preaching…n it really encourage me frm which u share..thnk you soo much for all the massage. .n I pray that god will bless you more n more. And add many more year to minister..and I would like to have one prayer request from you..For my I need to support my family. .n also I can give more for the lord…For he’s glory..have a blessed day may god be with u n to your family…n keep providing all needs. ..

  • Mona Fernandez says:

    Pastor Joseph, your Grace teachings are awesome, keep feeding the flock. The Love and
    Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ is truly life changing; we realise what an awesome God we serve!
    Can a person grieve / forsake this kind of love ?? No………it is difficult to hurt anyone who
    loves us so much, then how much more difficult it is for us to continue in our old sinful ways and grieve Gods Holy Spirit within us with this AGAPE / UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and GRACE of the Lord God through Jesus Christ His son.

    In the New Covenant Paul is continually reminding us we are now under Gods Grace, and forgiveness.

  • Dorothy says:

    May God bless you for teaching us about grace

  • Hamida says:

    i can’t even start to list what Jesus has been doing for my life since I started listing to grace messages of Jesus finished work. When I first came across pastor prince messages I was very skeptical about the teaching. Because it was the Good news and God wanted to use to set me free, the devil had to give me a negative dream about Pastor prince. However, when I started to read more of the bible(New Testament) the revelation of Jesus came to me and I was drawn more to pastor prince teaching. The first thing God set me free from was mustabation as I had struggle with it since I was 10 or 11 years old. Many other things I struggled with began fading away the more time I spent with christ. I orderd the POWER OF RIGHT BELIEVING and the book has transformed my life for good! My Son is now in Private school. How he got in is another testimony. And my husband and I are now on a life changing place as a result of accepting grace and walking in it. God bless you Pastor Prince and may the blood of Jesus continue to protect you. Amen!

  • Whitney says:

    I love love love, Pastor Prince, Wendy, Jessica and little Justin!! New Creation is a blessing from our God Jesus, to all the WORLD!!! Praise Jesus for this True City on A Hill!! You all really don’t understand the amazing impact that your church is!!! I wish I was in Singapore, to worship and commune with you all! Love sent from America to ALL of New Creation Church! I know that our Father God Jesus has blessed New Creation Church, it’s leaders, partners and all the beautiful children of God that attend with many many years of power, blessings, and to prosper and hold steady during the dark days!!!

  • Itzel Codina says:

    I am very thankful with my Abba for giving me a hearing heart for everything that Pastor Joseph Prince teaches. I have been feeding from this ministry for 5 years already and its my daily bread and I love it!! I am passionate for Jesus!! He healed me from panic attacks 3 years ago. My kids love Pastor Prince because its always on, in the car, I the kitchen, in the bedroom and everywhere we go. I have a desire to go to New Creation Church and since Pastor Prince thought us that we can ask BIG I am doing it! So see you soon in Jesus name!

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