Praise Report: Daughter Healed Of Chronic Constipation

My older daughter had been having chronic constipation since she was four months old. I watched her suffer from a very young age for the next two years and I used to ask God to heal her, believing that she would be healed.

One day because of what I had heard you teach about the Lord Jesus, I changed from praying for her healing to claiming it in the name of Christ, saying and believing that since Christ has taken all our diseases on the cross and since His body is perfect, so is my daughter’s.

Now, I am so glad that my daughter is completely free from her chronic pain and I do not have to watch her suffer anymore. All praise to Jesus. Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your God-given wisdom when preaching the gospel. It has really changed my relationship with our loving Father. God bless you, your family, and your ministry.

Leeba Mathew | United Arab Emirates

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  • Nachiappan Ravi says:

    Amen! I thank You Jesus and I praise You Lord for Your wonderful healing works for the sister. Next, blessing is going to be me.

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