Praise Report: Couple Protected From Serious Harm During Car Accident

In November last year, my wife and I went for our honeymoon in Jeju Island, Korea. Since we decided to drive during the trip, we rented a car online.

When we picked up the car upon our arrival, we decided to pre-pay the full car rental fee with our credit card in order to avoid buying car insurance.

To our surprise, our cards failed to make the payment.

At least five attempts were made on our cards (even from different banks), but none of the transactions went through. We were left with no choice but to make payment in cash, including a premium for the car insurance.

The next day, we met with an accident while driving.

Our car overturned completely and came back up on its wheels. Everything in the car, including the car’s camera and GPS came loose and were strewn all over the inside of the car.

The front of the car was crushed, the windscreen cracked, and the two back doors were dented.

But God’s angels protected us because the two front doors where we were seated by were not damaged at all.

My wife was pregnant but we did not suffer any injuries except for two light bruises. All thanks to Jesus, our baby in my wife’s womb was unharmed!

Not only that, we were also able to enjoy the rest of our holiday trip with a replacement car.

Looking back, I realized that had our credit card payment gone through, we would not have gotten the insurance and would have had to bear the damage costs of the car.

What a blessing! All praise and glory to Jesus!

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Singapore

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