Praise Report: Complete Recovery from Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome

Last November, my healthy ten-year-old daughter suddenly started running a fever and exhibited symptoms of a virus. Since she had stomach bugs like this before, I didn’t think much of it. Her fever vanished within twenty-four hours but she continued to feel weak and sickly.

A few days passed and she was still unable to eat and was passing large amounts of blood in her stools. We took her to our local hospital where she was transported to a large children’s hospital. She was diagnosed with food poisoning, treated with antibiotics, and sent home. We thought that this would be the end of it.

After a few more days, she was still unable to eat much and her skin turned yellow. Her urine had turned a brown color. We rushed her to the emergency room where she was sent back to the children’s hospital. What ensued was disheartening.

The toxins from her alleged food poisoning had attacked her kidneys, reducing their function. Her red blood cells were also breaking apart. The doctors warned that my daughter might have to go through dialysis and blood transfusions.

As we have been regularly partaking of the Communion as a family for the last five years, I knew in my heart that it was going to save my daughter. I went to the hospital lounge and found crackers and cranberry juice. Although my daughter could only tolerate eating a tiny amount, we received Communion together and relied on Jesus and His finished work.

For the next six days, we relied on the Lord’s Supper and prayed. Supernaturally, my daughter didn’t need to go through dialysis. She did go through two blood transfusions that really helped her recovery. The doctor diagnosed her with typical hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS). They warned us there was no cure and most patients require regular blood transfusions as treatment. We knew Jesus’ work on the cross is complete and rejected the diagnosis.

Since then, we’ve had two follow-up appointments and multiple sets of blood work. My daughter’s levels have gone back to normal! Her doctor has been amazed at her recovery. He told us that people with this diagnosis don’t usually go into remission, and teased my daughter that she was going to cause doctors to rewrite the medical textbooks.

I still feel emotional when I think about the whole ordeal. I get teary and overwhelmed with gratefulness for the healing that Christ provided through the sacrifice He made. I can honestly say my daughter’s condition miraculously changed when we partook of the Communion in the hospital. Since then, we partake of it as often as we can—it is life-giving!

Candace Roudebush | Pennsylvania, United States

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