Praise Report: Company Won Bid and Job Secured after Declaring Favor

I had not been working for almost a year. As a single mother I was struggling to make ends meet.When I got hold of Pastor Prince’s book Live the Let-Go Life, I learned for the first time that I needed to rest so God can work. Prior to this I was fatigued from fasting and praying in certain ways to make God answer as there was simply no breakthrough. As I read this book, I realized that my believing was wrong and hence I was living wrong.

I always felt that I needed to perform so God could bless me. Yet I was not seeing those blessings. I was also plagued by condemnation whenever I failed. When I started listening to Pastor Prince’s sermons and reading his books, I experienced such a tremendous change in my life. I feel so free and in an oasis of love because I now know that God is not angry with me. He wants to be good to me and bless me because of the finished work of my Lord Jesus.

I sent a prayer request to Joseph Prince Ministries about my employment some months ago.  Some time later, the company that I had worked for in a previous project sent me terms of reference for a project that they wanted to bid for, funded by the Swiss Government in South Africa. They wanted to put me down as a program coordinator of the project.

Two weeks went by without any confirmation whether they would tender for the job or not. In that period, I received an email from a company in Netherlands which wanted to bid for the same work. They had found my details on LinkedIn. They confirmed that they were going to bid for the work and that they would make me the program coordinator. I agreed.

I knew there were certain requirements I did not meet but I trusted the favor of God to qualify me. After two weeks the first company came back to say they would not bid for the work anymore. However, the company from Netherlands took a chance and proposed me as a resource for this role. During this period, I asked the Lord to give this company favor because of me. I kept on declaring that I have favor and God will qualify me.

A week after the tender closed, the Netherlands company was called for an interview in Pretoria, South Africa, along with me and another person. We attended the interview and were told that we would know the outcome in two days. I kept on saying, “Lord, I am not sure if I did well in the interview, but all I know is that the favor of God surrounds me like a shield.” God gave me Joshua 1:9, so I kept declaring this Scripture. Three days later, I received an email that the company had won the bid and I now have work for another five years. God is so good and faithful!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, and your team for praying for me. Thank you for preaching the gospel that sets prisoners free. God bless you and your ministry and increase you to reach many more of God’s children throughout the world.All glory to almighty God!

Anonymous | South Africa

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