Praise Report: Cleared Of Sepsis, Kidney Stone Successfully Removed

A doctor found a stone in my kidney and said it would remain because it would not be able to be passed out through the urinary tract. However, he said it would not pose a problem unless it grew in size.

About a year later, I started experiencing pain. An X-ray showed that the stone had grown and had to be removed.

I chose to have a lithotripsy—a treatment that would break the stone into smaller particles so they could be passed out through the urinary tract. But there was no guarantee of success.

While waiting for the day of the procedure, I started developing sepsis (a potentially life-threatening complication of infection) that was caused by the stone. The procedure had to be postponed when I came down with fevers, chills, diarrhea, nausea, and pain in my stomach and kidney areas.

I also had to have a stent placed in my urinary tract while taking antibiotics.

As a former nurse, I knew that sepsis could be fatal. I took my situation to God and rested in Him. I also asked for prayer from other believers, including people from Joseph Prince Ministries. I also read healing scriptures over myself daily.

Two weeks later, I was cleared of sepsis and proceeded with the lithotripsy procedure. It was successful! I would like to thank God for His protection and hand over me, and Joseph Prince Ministries for standing in faith with me. All glory to our heavenly Father!

Rikki Holyfield | California, United States

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