Praise Report: Cancer Marker Back To Normal Range After Partaking Of The Holy Communion

I am an ovarian cancer patient on remission and am thankful for God’s healing over ten years ago. However, the cancer marker has not been stable in the last two years and kept going up.

Early this year, I started attending New Creation Church and was impacted by the gospel of grace. It was only when I began listening to your teaching on grace and faith that I realised the significance of the Holy Communion.

Two weeks ago, I was due for my blood test again. Before I went for the test, I partook of the Holy Communion for the very first time and declared Jesus’ health and healing over my body. I said “Lord, I know You see my little faith and by Jesus’ stripes on the cross, I am completely healed”.

A week later, I received my test results and the cancer marker had dropped back to the normal range. Praise the Lord! I never expected this to happen as I always thought that it would be impossible for the cancer marker level to go back to normal!

Indeed, God is good all the time. Thank you so much for your teachings on grace and for unpacking the beauty of God’s grace week after week. Amen!

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Singapore 

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