Praise Report: Brother’s Marriage Saved, Father Recovered From Heart Attack

Pastor Prince, I was born into a Christian family in Cape Town, South Africa. It was during the end of 2011 that I first saw you on Trinity Broadcasting Network preaching about God’s grace.

It was a very difficult time for our family as we had just lost our sister to cancer and our eighty-year-old father had been admitted to hospital due to a near-fatal heart attack. My older brother was also experiencing turbulent times in his marriage.

At that time, your book, Unmerited Favor, was displayed on the television screen as you preached and I was prompted in my spirit to get the book. I read it twice, over a short period of time, and was amazed at the deep truths and fresh perspectives on God’s grace from your book. They encouraged me through a difficult time.

Our father’s treatment left us with a substantial hospital bill and it was at this time that my brother and I came together and started praying seriously for the Lord to help our family through this crisis.

I started sharing with my brother about God’s grace and the truths that I had learned from your book. The Spirit of God prompted me to get a copy of Unmerited Favor for my brother as well. By then, my brother was planning for a divorce. He was totally discouraged.

But as he read the book, and as we started coming together on a regular basis to pray and study the gospel of grace, things began to change.

My brother’s marriage was wonderfully saved. He called off the divorce and started to look at his wife with grace-healed eyes. They became a happy family again.

Later on, my father also recovered and was discharged from the hospital to rest at home. God also made a way for us to settle his hospital bill completely.

The more we understood God’s grace, the more we wanted to learn. We started to sit together twice a week and got as many of your teaching materials on God’s grace as we could.

After hearing your teaching on the Holy Communion and the power of the anointing oil, we also made these elements a part of our Bible study sessions. We would start each session by taking the Communion while listening to your worship CD, A Touch Of His Presence.

It is just wonderful how spiritually refreshing this is. In these sessions, we found answers to every challenge we had.


I also got hold of your book, Destined To Reign. When I read it the first time, it was just amazing how the book gripped me and the truths in it came alive.

It was like time stood still and nothing else mattered to me. Again, I got my brother a copy and we made it our workbook for our Bible study. From there, we would share the message of grace with the non-believers around us and at our work places. I have also been inspired to get a copy of Destined To Reign in my home language.

I would underline key scriptures and look at key words as they have been translated, so that I can share the gospel correctly and accurately with Afrikaans-speaking folk around me.

It is wonderful to hear and see how grace has freed us from the grip of religion.

All those whom we have encouraged to get your books and teachings have always come back to us with positive testimonies.

The gospel of grace is indeed powerful and is setting people free from sin and bondage. Thanks be to God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor Prince, we are so blessed and joyful because of your teachings on the gospel of grace. We long to receive your latest materials. My brother and I have now applied for our passports and it is our dream to visit Israel some day.

However, we want to visit Israel when Pastor Joseph Prince and the beautiful people from his church are there. I pray that this dream would come true for us.

Franklin Morgendal | South Africa

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