Praise Report: Blessed with Job and Marriage

I grew up in the Philippines in a very religious family. My dad was a part-time preacher. I fell in love with Jesus early in life. As an elementary school kid, I used to skip classes to read the Bible. And every Sunday morning, my grandmother would tell my siblings and me to get ready for church so we could “please God and He would hear our prayers.”

When I was a teenager, I felt I was not as worthy as everyone else in church so I started skipping church. Although I knew deep down Jesus loved everyone, I thought I was not good enough and not pleasing in His sight. There was even a point in my life I believed I was a jinx and God was too far away to hear my cries.

At 21 years old, I took tons of sleeping pills as I thought there was no hope. I did not drink or do drugs and sex, but I still felt I was not good enough. For years, I felt like an orphan. I would pray and cry out to God, cross my fingers, and hope He would hear me. I tried to cling on to God as much as I could, but I still felt I wasn’t good enough to get His attention.

At 35, I was unemployed, broke, and single. I thought Mathew 6:33 was showing me why nothing good was happening to me—because I wasn’t “seeking enough.”

Then one day, I came across Joseph Prince on television preaching about Jesus. I listened to his message about how Jesus loved me unconditionally and overpaid my sins—past, present, and future. It hit me! I could not get enough of his message so I went to his website to listen to more sermons.

As my believing changed, my situation started to change. I leaned on Jesus with confidence that God the Father is pleased with me because I have Jesus in my heart. I am not an orphan! I came to realize that Mathew 6:33 is all about Jesus and His righteousness in me and not about my “hard work” to please Him. Today, I am liberated and know the real meaning of His grace.

The Lord has blessed me with a job in an American company. I’m doing well in it, knowing I am highly favored by God and man. I am living in America and married to a very good man. I can only thank God for hand-picking the best man for me. And the Lord is still doing great things beyond what I ask for.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for allowing God to use you to enlighten me to see Him as He really is. May the Lord bless you and your ministry!

Aileen Anderson | North Carolina, United States