Praise Report: Blessed With Better Job, Enjoying Work-Life Balance

I had been working in my job in the healthcare industry for more than four years and was ready for new challenges. However, no promotions were being offered when there was a change in the management. This caused friction among staff members and produced a less productive work environment.

I became very unhappy due to the lack of a work-life balance. I felt constantly stressed in the new work environment and was worried about my kids who were alone at home after school.

I felt trapped and dreaded going to work every day.

I started applying for over a hundred positions within and outside of the company and went for several interviews. However, I was still unable to find a new job. Instead of feeling discouraged, I decided to labor to rest in Jesus’ finished work (Heb. 4:10–11) and thanked Him constantly for being my provider.

I felt comforted knowing that the Lord had already provided my dream job even though it had not yet manifested.

When the time came for my company to give out bonuses, all employees were told that we would receive a pay increase on top of our bonus. Although it was a wonderful blessing, I still wanted a new position.

That was when I received a call for an interview for a dream job I had applied for.

The interview went very well and I believed that the Lord would provide this job for me. I was soon called up for a second interview and was offered the job a few days later!

I also managed to negotiate for a higher salary after I asked God for favor and the right words to say. The company matched my asking salary very closely and I started my wonderful new job two weeks later.

My new boss is also a blessing to me. She is very kind and understanding, and even allows me to work from home one day a week. She has also discussed with me the possibility of promoting me to a senior position within a year!

I’d like to thank the Lord for a triple blessing—the bonus and salary increase from my previous job, as well as the salary increase in my new job. I am also enjoying a flexible work-life balance today.

Thank you so much for your ministry, Pastor Prince. I have been listening to your teachings for a while now and have been blessed. Your messages help me experience the Lord’s presence, love, and grace in my life.

May the Lord continue to keep you, your family, and your ministry in His grace and favor!

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | California, United States



  • I just love hearing the word frim pastor prince!

  • Carolyne says:

    Amen…this is really encouraging and timely for me…I am trusting God for my dream job after enough interviews. I have entered rest and know that victory belongs to Jesus.
    He who promised is faithful to perform…I have been meditating on Jeremiah 29:11 during this waiting period.
    This has really encouraged and blessed my heart alot

  • Ijeego says:

    good morning,
    i really pray for a testimony like this. i have been believing God for a new Job for some time now. Currrently it has gotten so bad that going to the office holds no apeal anymore. Since a restructing i September, it has not been easy. i have been on same salary with no promotion for almost 3years now(May 19 it will be 3yrs) and the new MD has made working very difficult. Kindly join me in prayers because like the testifier said , im feeling trapped and need Gods intervention urgently. Thank you and God bless

  • Nothemba says:

    need prays please want to go back to my Job

  • Eric says:

    I also have gone through similar problem, small salary, bad boss and also felt trapped at the work place. Could not take it anymore so I resigned. But I have been praying to God for a dream job also. I am encouraged by this testimony.

  • Emily says:

    Wow, this is so inspiring. Praise the Lord!

  • Daniel says:

    Dear all, the post is very encouraging. I am presently out of job now, Am believing and Trusting God Almighty for a call for an interview from the positions I applied for.

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