Praise Report: Blessed with Baby Girl After 7 Years of Trying

I started watching Joseph Prince in early 2015. I’ve been a believer since young but had not seen someone with a message like Joseph’s. I would regularly watch his sermons and listen to his podcasts when I worked out at the gym.

My wife and I had been trying to conceive a child. We experienced disappointment after disappointment as we went to several fertility clinics and spent a lot of money only to have more miscarriages. One Thanksgiving was particularly sad and devastating as we lost a child at nine weeks.

There were many side effects from the medications that my wife took. For years, we watched as all our friends had success in conceiving. We became hardened over time and somewhat cynical. It felt as though our age was working against us. But I never believed God would let us down. I learned that right believing leads to right thinking and right living.

We had countless prayer sessions upheld by a continued belief that God would deliver. Today I am thrilled to announce that after almost seven years of struggle, loss, and pain, great joy has come into our lives! Our little girl, Juliana Rose, was born on February 10, 2020. She is completely healthy, amazingly cute, and totally well.

Thank you, Joseph Prince, for your messages. I continue to listen to your sermons and read your books. All praise and glory to Jesus, thank You, Lord!

Gabriel Wright | Illinois, United States

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