Praise Report: Blessed With Baby Boy

Around 2013, after three years of marriage, my husband and I started believing God for a baby. In early 2014, we found out that I was pregnant. However, I suffered a miscarriage and was devastated.

Friends around me were bearing children and the enemy would put negative thoughts in my mind: Will it ever be my turn? Just forget about having a child, it is not in my destiny. How could the God I worship do this to me? These thoughts would run a loop in my mind and I would tear up.

One day, I read Pastor Prince’s Daily Grace Inspiration for the day and learned this phrase: I cannot, but God can. It helped direct my worries, anxieties, and fears to the One who could do something about my situation.

Whenever negative thoughts came, I would say, “I cannot, oh Lord, only You can. Help me have children for Your glory.” After that, the good Lord saw me through my next pregnancy and the successful delivery of a blessed baby boy.

I am grateful to God and for Pastor Prince’s ministry. Very often, whenever I go through a challenge, Pastor Prince’s Daily Grace Inspiration for the day would inspire, encourage, and strengthen me. Thank you, Pastor Prince.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Canada

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