Praise Report: Blessed In Every Area After Listening To Grace Messages

For four years, I have been listening to Pastor Prince’s messages whenever I commute to and from work, and would replay my favorites until the Lord’s love saturates my spirit.

I would read Pastor Prince’s daily devotionals over breakfast and listen to his messages on podcast before going to bed. Sometimes, I would attend two Sunday services, in case Pastor Prince teaches something in the second service that wasn’t covered in the first. The grace messages are like God’s living water that washes me afresh every time.

Before listening to Pastor Prince’s teachings, I always took pride in my love for God. I realized I was like Peter instead of John in the Bible—focusing on my love for God instead of His love for me.

Since hearing Pastor Prince’s teachings on a constant basis, I have been resting in God’s love for me. As a result, an abundance of God’s favor and blessings have come into every aspect of my life.

Although I have a busy job in a stressful workplace, I am hardly perturbed. Often, people would tell me that there is a calmness about me and that I am always positive. These would become opportunities for me to share about my daily walk with Jesus.

When friends and colleagues meet me to talk about their stress-filled circumstances, I am able to sense in my spirit a Word from the Lord for them, and they would receive encouragement. As I pray for them, several of them would become heartened, especially when they see God move in their circumstances.

Since my husband of fourteen years started joining me in New Creation Church [in Singapore] and got to know more of Jesus’ love for him, our marriage has become even more loving than before. We’d always thought we had a good marriage but now, we have a great marriage!

Our health has also improved miraculously. We were gaining weight as we grew older. But my husband lost twenty kilograms in four months (having his weight drop from ninety-one to seventy-one kilograms). I have also shed excess weight of five kilograms effortlessly. We both found ourselves eating healthily and our bodies are now back to how they were before we got married! This is indeed God’s restoration. Praise God!

My parents were also able to celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary and renewed their vows in the same overseas church they were wed in. For them to have remained strong for this long-distance travel is surely God’s amazing grace! God’s Word is true when He says, “With long life I will satisfy him” (Psalm 91).

Finally, I was offered a position in a prestigious global multinational corporation. I was headhunted for this position and my salary is now almost double my previous one.

The grace of God in our lives has also been so wonderfully “contagious” that my siblings and in-laws are now following our steps in growing in the knowledge of Christ Jesus and believing right in the gospel. I send Pastor Prince’s messages on CDs and DVDs to my sisters in the Philippines so that they too can have good spiritual food.

I am thankful that God has been blessing my husband and I so that we may become ambassadors of His amazing grace. This helps us reach out to our extended families, domestic helpers, colleagues, and peers.

So thank you, Pastor Prince, for preaching the message of grace! I pray the Lord bless you mightily as you continue to spread His message across the globe.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Singapore

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