Praise Report: Bible Study Group Seeing Salvations and Flourishing In College

Pastor Prince, my eldest daughter, Hannah, took your teachings and led a study group in her college in New York. She began posting verses on Facebook and putting up posters in her dorm. She also spoke to others she knew who were yet to be saved and invited them to come to her Bible study sessions.

The first few meetings were in her dorm room. At first, only two showed up but they were blown away by your teachings.

They had never heard the Bible being taught or Jesus spoken about with such love, hope, peace, and assurance. The first two girls were astounded and within a few weeks, they were saved.

But the story does not end there. Through Hannah’s four years in college, the study group grew to eighty regular attendees and the school soon recognized the Bible study group to be a part of the curriculum.

During Hannah’s senior year, Hannah’s Bible study group became formalized into a Religious Studies class and Hannah was put in charge of it. The Lord then grew this class so large it had to be divided into two sessions. It has been attended regularly by scores of students since.

During your last tour in the United States, Hannah and her group attended your conference where they took the Holy Communion with you and three others were saved that night.

Now, Hannah attends New York University and is in its master’s program. She has just submitted her essay for her doctoral thesis based on the Word of God. As her mother, I am reminded that our young ones are indeed part of the Benjamin generation and they are righteous youths making an impact for His kingdom.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | California, United States

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