Praise Report: Beat The Odds With God’s Unmerited Favor

Recently, I applied twice for a place in an educational program that I had my heart set on. Two institutions offered the program. The first institution I applied to picked candidates through balloting and I was unsuccessful. I was so disappointed I gave up.

Later, a friend encouraged me to apply to the second institution. I was reluctant as it had a very rigorous selection process. I applied anyway but was not too hopeful about the outcome.

I was really surprised when I was shortlisted for an interview. Up till I entered the interview room, I didn’t think I would make the cut as I was not as qualified as the other candidates. After the interview, I was even more certain of defeat.

However, after the interview, I watched your sermon titled, Say Amen To God’s Promises. I gained confidence and prayed to God, saying, “Father, I know I do not qualify, but I say ‘Amen’ to Your promise, that anything that I ask in Jesus’ name, You will do. Please give me a place in the program.”

I went to the school’s notice board the next day and, lo and behold, my name was on the list of accepted candidates!

I am extremely grateful to God my Father for His unending love and kindness toward me even when I do not have enough faith, and to His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, whose sacrifice has made us heirs of the world.

I am also grateful to Pastor Prince, who has taught me to go boldly into the presence of a loving God. I used to feel unworthy but through Pastor Prince’s teachings, I have gained great confidence in God’s love for me, and the fact that He will answer whenever I call on Him for help.

Pastor Prince, I pray that you will spread the gospel of grace throughout Africa, and to my country, Ghana. God bless you.

Adwoa Oppong | Ghana


  • Jonathan Elom Agoba says:

    God bless you Pastor Prince. Adwoa who happens to be from my country, Ghana, has a testimony which is just similar to what I’m expecting from God. I’m encouraged that God is using her testimony as a reference to what He’s doing for me also. I believe His grace is at work and not my effort. We need you in Ghana Pastor!! Please come over.

  • Mary Muvirimi says:

    Our God is faithfull all the time , He is not a failure.

  • Gerald louw says:

    thanks for ur teaching ,they are really a revelation pastor Prince

  • diane temengil says:

    Thank the LORD God Almighty for His awesome miracle in your life.I am just so in awe of Him. He will never leave us nor forsake us. May God continue to reveal His love, favor and grace upon you. Thank you for your encouraging testimony. May God continue to bless Pastor Prince,his family and the ministry that is doing great and awesome things for God through his precious Son, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Amen and amen.

  • benjamin duodu says:

    This is so inspiring. I am also feom Ghana and I know how the system is here. Thank God we are His children. Thank God for the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ

  • Barbara Bailey says:

    Idearly love pastor Prince and his teachings. I have learned alot aboutGod grace.will you please pray for me to stop smoking. I have tried everything.I am 77yearsold.tell what Ishould do.I need your book on communion.would that help.God bless you.Barbara from Alabama.

  • Lisa G. Fischer says:

    Joseph Prince, I can say also that your teachings, your faith, and your love for our Father has done alot for me also, I praise God for you often my brother, and also pray for you, Wendy, and your son often. Thank you for all you do.

  • Sally says:

    Thank you pastor for your grace teaching! I am bless by you songs& teaching last year i was asking our lord Jesus to show me more of his word of revelation as i was walking with his grace my life in 2014 to 2015 have change me ” the cure for your lonely heart” and much more of your sermon .. Today i am walking with brand new person with wisdow of god it all your teaching thank lord jesus for our teachers … All glory to Jesus…?

  • OluwaGbenga says:

    Pastor Prince has been a blessing in my life since 2011 here in Nigeria. Please when are you ever coming to Africa and Nigeria in particular? People need to know about the gospel of grace particularly spiritual leaders. You have touched my life in ways you can’t imagine, only God knows. I see things differently, and I would not have known that God loves me ever so much. Thanks pastor Prince, looking forward to one day see you in my country, or should I say by faith that I will see you in your country sooner than later in Jesus name.
    God bless you.

  • Christine says:

    AMEN! To gospel of grace in Africa, we are soaking up Jesus grace like sponges. Grace is the good in the good-news we were looking for.
    Thank you Pastor Prince and especially for the teaching on the High Priest, Jesus is very cool.
    I pray for more grace for you to continue revealing Jesus. The bible is now worth reading because I can see Jesus in the types.

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