Praise Report: Applying Anointing Oil Stopped Habitual Bleeding of Nose And Ear

I suffered from bleeding in the nose and ears whenever I flew in an airplane. Even medication could not help stop the bleeding. But thank God for Pastor Prince’s teachings on the Holy Communion and anointing oil.

I was selected for a three-week study program in Germany. Before my flight, I applied anointing oil on my nose and forehead. Praise God, there was not even a trace of blood during the fifteen-hour journey!

On the fifth day during our choir performance, I suddenly experienced pain in my throat. I took the Holy Communion and to my delight, the pain went away and all went well.

Praise the name of Jesus!

Yap Yvonsha | Singapore

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  • Busie says:

    I got a job this year January, my colleagues can not stand my presence they don’t understand how I operate. Recently they stole my phones (2), I didn’t ask them anything and more over I brought another phone the next day. I’m confessing God’s grace over my life and His unmerited favour and trusting Him for more open doors of financial breakthrough.

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