Praise Report: Anomaly In Spine Healed After Taking Holy Communion And Declaring Scripture

Pastor Prince, two years ago, I was struck with severe pain in my waist. It happened at night and I was unable to get up from my bed. I was admitted into a hospital and an X-ray showed an anomaly in a disc in my spine. The doctor gave me painkillers and advised surgery as the only solution.

At that time, I started to listen to your teachings on the Holy Communion and was very encouraged to learn that I could receive healing just by partaking of the Communion. I began to stand on this Bible truth and practice partaking of the Communion while confessing healing scriptures over my body. I also cursed the pain and commanded it to depart each time.

Gradually, I saw myself getting healed. I’m now completely recovered without the need for surgery and I’m able to go about my daily life without pain. All glory to God!

May God bless you as you continue to preach the good news of Jesus Christ.

Isaac Nyarko | Ghana

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