Praise Report: 16-Year Sexual Addiction Broken After Declaring Righteousness In Christ

I write this testimony with tears of joy as my sixteen-year addiction to pornography and masturbation has finally been broken after claiming my righteousness in Christ. I’m also no longer plagued by sexual dreams.

Before that, I was so ashamed of myself, my habits, and my sinful thoughts that I contemplated suicide several times. I tried everything, from making yearly, monthly, and daily resolutions not to sin to avoiding church and even hurting myself, but my habits kept coming back.

Pastor Prince, I have been watching your sermons for more than four years now. I also visit your website to read the Daily Grace Inspirations and praise reports daily. After I read a praise report on how a dear brother in Christ was delivered from his smoking addiction after declaring his righteousness in Christ while in the act of smoking, I decided to do the same in the midst of my sin.

In 2015, I was delivered from all my addictions. I declared, “I am STILL the righteousness of God in Christ by faith” while in my sin and that was the last time I did it! Since then, Jesus has transformed me and changed my life so much that I cannot recognize the person I am today.

Pastor Prince, you are right to say that we should run to God whenever we sin. I had been running the opposite way, not knowing that Jesus is the WAY.

Thank you, pastor. Please keep on preaching the gospel!

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | India


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