Praise Opens The Door To Grace (Part 3/3)

Challenges can seem like a looming mountain, intimidating us with a sense of fear and defeat. However, God has a simple solution for you to enjoy His presence in the midst of your crisis—and watch His avalanche of supply break down those daunting problems. Join Joseph Prince in this three-part series as he unveils to you the power of praise.

Part 3/3: Worship With The Psalms Of David

Pastor Prince, I can’t sing, can’t play any musical instrument, and I’m not good with words. How am I supposed to worship God?

Beloved, worshiping the one who loves you doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s not about your performance. Rather, it’s a “heart” thing—birthed out of a personal, intimate relationship with the Lord. You praise and worship Him because you know that He loves you, and you just want to be in His presence to behold His beauty, soak in His love for you, and tell Him how much He means to you.

Praising and worshiping God is your response to His love, His shepherd’s heart for you.

You don’t need to have a perfect voice, perfect pitch, perfect words, or perfect melody. You don’t need to have the “right atmosphere,” with soft lights and organ music playing in the background. Praising and worshiping God can be as simple as singing or humming a tune the Holy Spirit has put in your heart. Or you can sing your favorite hymn. Or it can be something as simple as saying, like Annie did, “Praise the Lord for He is good.” You can even worship God by dancing in your room or in your shower. Hey, David “danced with great abandon before God” (2 Samuel 6:14, The Message)!

The bottom line is, worshiping the Lord is not about your doing. It’s about what He has done for you. It’s your response to His love, His shepherd’s heart for you. It’s abandoning yourself, your cares, your anxieties, and your pains to the Lord, and getting lost in His love for you.

That is why I encourage you, especially if you find it hard to get started, to begin to worship the Lord with the psalms of David. You can’t improve on the words of the sweetest psalmist of Israel! When your circumstances threaten to devour you, for example, take your eyes off your lack and limitations, and worship the Lord with these words of David:

 The angel of the Lord encamps all around those who fear [worship] Him, and delivers them. Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who trusts in Him!…There is no want to those who fear [worship] Him…those who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing.

—Psalm 34:7–10 

As you praise and worship Him, you will find Him giving to you supply and delivering you from all your fears.

You will see the angel of the Lord encamp all around you and deliver you from every fear, just as He did for David. David worshiped the Lord with these words in the depths of the cave of Adullam, right in the midst of his fears. And as he looked to the Lord, he became more conscious of the presence of the angel of the Lord protecting and delivering him, than of the might of King Saul or the king of Gath. The same will happen to you. As you praise and worship Him, you will find Him giving to you—rest, peace, wisdom, health and life—and delivering you from all your fears.

Lack will give way to His abundant supply. He will remove that mountain in your way, re-route your enemies, or give you the strength and wisdom to overcome them. Because praise opens the door to grace, everyone around you will see how the Lord is blessing you because you have put your trust in Him!

Keep On Praising

So beloved, like David, let the Lord’s praise be always in your mouth. Whatever your situation or challenge, I want to encourage you to keep praising the Lord in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs (Ephesians 5:19). Let Him fill you with His Spirit. Let Him put in the key of David and open for you doors of grace, faith, healing, utterance, and whatever you need.

And what He did for David and his 3D army, men who were distressed, in debt and discontented, He will do for you too. As you behold Him and worship Him, He will transform you by His abundant grace into a mighty man or woman of God—in your family, at your workplace, and in your area of ministry!

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  • ALFA MEMUNAT says:

    I love this encourage may God give us the Grace to worship Him cause Him alone is worthy to be praise… may He take away my worries, fears and restore peace and establish His grace of favor on me (Amen)

  • Frances Christenson says:

    My nephew and wife recently came to the Lord. He is not attending any church and does not believe he has to. Could you please send me info regarding the importance of fellowship and worshiping together.
    Thank you.

  • Frances Christenson says:

    Am I already signed up for these stories and articles, because it will not take my email address. ? Please check.
    Thank you

    • TEAM JP says:

      Hi Frances,
      Yes, you have signed up for our blog emailer– look forward to receiving monthly updates in your inbox!

      Team JP

  • Ruth mwai says:

    Pastor prince is a great preacher of the gospel of grace

  • Sir Joseph, please pray for me I am in a state of confusion in my life right now because my past work experience and my bad relationship to other people is dragging me down. I need the Lord right now and for the upcoming days of my life.

  • naomi says:

    Glory to God for your life Pastor Prince. Am humbled by your teaching and how you bring out Jesus and the message of grace.

  • ifeanyi says:

    i’m blessed and highly inspired. Thank you pastor, and the Lord increase you more and more

  • Hossana Agbo says:

    I love this message. It’s just what I need now. I’m so blessed. Thank you Pastor Joseph Prince for being a blessing to this generation. Greater Grace!

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