Meditating On God’s Word Brings Healing

He sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.

Psalm 107:20

A brother from the United States wrote to me with a wonderful praise report. He said that he’d been suffering pain in his upper back for almost two years.

One day, after reading my teaching about meditating on God’s Word, he decided to run with it.

So on his way home from work that day, he decided to just meditate on Psalm 23:1, speaking it to himself over and over again—“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.”

He said that he must have muttered the verse at least 50 times as he pondered on Jesus being a good shepherd to him—how kind Jesus is to provide for him, lead him, tend lovingly to his needs and heal him.

The effect? “Every breath seemed to just release deeper and deeper waves of healing throughout my entire being and I started to notice the pain in my back just dissipate,” he shared happily. “And by the time I got home, all the pain was gone!”

Beloved, if you need healing in your body today, I encourage you to prioritize God’s Word.

Meditate on it. Speak it and declare it over yourself. By His Word, God heals and delivers His people from every kind of destruction!

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  • William Gottipalli says:

    Yes Pastor Joseph Prince, meditating on God’s word brings healing is real & true. I myyself memorized Psalm 23, 91 & 121 in my mother tongue. I am an Indian from telugu speaking States Andhra Pradesh. Now I am staying with my children in New Zealand. I am aged 78 and a widower. Please pray for me and my 2 daughters and only son & grandsons. Last year I was diagnosed with lung cancer and surgery was done. Please pray for my total healing bringing restoration in my life for His glory. Thank you Pastor Joseph Prince. God bless you & your Ministry abundantly.

    William Gottipalli

  • Asher Blessed says:

    Hi JP. You probably will never comprehend the magnitude of the effect of God’s Word channeled through you to the world, and for that we thank the Lord Almighty our God who rides prosperously in the heavens. God bless your heart mightly.
    God brought you to my house on around 2014 via Daystar and Faith TV. In July that year, the father of my two children and I separated and he moved out while I proceeded to court for child support. I had been a house wife and stay in mother without direct financial income.
    Long story short: For 2 years till aug2016 life was hell even begging for food to feed my 2 kids now 12 and 8.
    Since you were mainly teaching on REST IN GOD THROUGH HIS SON JESUS CHRIST, God gave me the Grace to rest in hope for each day. Aug this year I managed to sell some of my property which had looked impossible to sell and now my children and I are OK. Now I can pay a lawyer for the children’s case and also got favourable interim orders. I have also designed and installed a functioning water system that i Will not have to pay for supply from outside. This , i believe is God inspired creativity cos I never saw it elsewhere. And am still resting in God 😀

  • Karen Huffman says:

    My friend just got electrified after listening and watching you teach (about our position in Christ, and resurrected with Christ) on channel 40.1 in Kansas USA.
    Thank you brother, for studying and teaching so well, reaching down and uplifting the hearts of men.

  • Great post!
    Its always a good step to speak God’s name whenever one is facing any kind of trouble. It definitely helps to ease that problem if not solve it.

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