God Hears Your Prayers

The Lord…hears the prayer of the righteous.

Proverbs 15:29

In her sadness and anguish, a barren woman went to the temple of God to pray. Weeping, she poured out her heart to God.

She didn’t pray audibly, moving only her lips as she talked to God about her request for a child.

When the temple’s priest saw the way she prayed, he assumed that she was drunk and promptly admonished her. She had to tell him that she wasn’t drunk, and that in her sorrow she was pouring out her soul to God.

The priest then told her, “Go in peace, and the God of Israel grant your petition which you have asked of Him” (1 Samuel 1:17).

It wasn’t long after that this woman, Hannah, conceived and bore a son, Samuel. Inaudible or soft as her prayer was, God heard it and fulfilled her wish for a child!

Beloved, it’s not about how long or short, how loudly or softly you pray, but who you pray to that matters.

Today, when you pray, be conscious that you have the ear and attention of your heavenly Father, who so loves you and hears your prayers because you are righteous in Christ.

And if He loves you enough to give you heaven’s best—Jesus, how will He not with Jesus also freely give you all things (Romans 8:32)?

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  • Kime turner says:

    Can I be a stowaway on your next trip to Israel ? It’s very important that I go see Gods vineyard.
    Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty. I love to hear you sing this song. If you can’t help me with Israel, if you could sing that song and post it on the Web for me to watch, that would be such a blessing. Thank you and to you and yours I’m wishing you a very

    Merry Christmas.


  • Annie mary says:

    Plz pray for my brother’s son Timothy in critical condition to get a great miracle

  • Honey pal says:

    Wow…….! What a wonderful God we serve. He always answer to our prayers. I am greatly blessed through this article about prayer.

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