Go Into And Remain In Peace

And He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace, and be healed of your affliction.”

Mark 5:34

I had always thought that when Jesus told the woman who had been healed of a 12-year bleeding condition to “Go in peace,” He was just giving her a farewell greeting. One day, the Lord told me to check it up in the Greek. That’s when I found out that it actually reads, “Go into peace.”

I had also wondered why Jesus told her to “be healed of your affliction” when she was already healed the moment she touched Him. Again, when I looked up that phrase in the Greek, I realized that Jesus was actually telling her to be made whole, not just healed. In other words, Jesus ushered her into peace so that she could be made whole in every way—if she had been traumatized by previous medical procedures, she would have peace of mind and sound sleep.

My friend, Jesus not only wants to heal you, but He also wants to make you whole. Perhaps many things are troubling you today. Beloved, go into peace and remain in peace. How? By casting all your cares to the Lord. Keep your mind on Jesus’ faithfulness and goodness, and His perfect love for you. The Prince of Peace Himself will keep you in perfect peace (Isaiah 26:3), bringing about healing and wholeness in your body and circumstances.


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  • Joaneen Botha says:

    Dear Pastor Prince,

    Thank you. Thank you for sharing Jesus’ grace with me every day.

    A friend introduced your ministry to me last year, as I was going through a (again) very difficult time in my life. You opened my eyes, you made me see the REAL Jesus, the one who gives me peace and not condemnation. The Jesus who heals and loves and not punishment for sins. That is what I was taught all Myburg life by my church and my family; An angry God whom we should constantly beg for forgiveness from and whom we should always feel guilty with. I cannot believe I believed that for 26 years. I do not know how I survived for 26 years believing in condemnation and guilt instead of love and peace. I do know now how I survived, his love saved me every day.

    It is sad that my family still believes that way, and they are nog open to listening to the new “secrets” of Jesus I have learned, through you. About his unconditional love and peace. Especially as peace is something they need most. And they think that I am walking with the devil and that I am completely “off the track” because I am at peace.

    I do believe Jesus wants the best for us, he has a hope and a dream and a plan for my future, he wants me to be healed, fulfilled, provided for etc. I truly do believe that. But there is ons part I wish to understand better, and no one could ever answer me this.

    If He wants us to be happy, healed and healthy, if all and only good things come to us from Him why do we get sick? Why does he allow the Devil to get to us in the first place to make us sick? My whole life I have suffered from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating on my hands and feet) as well as a form of the HP virus causing warts on my feet, leg and hand. Why did He allow the devil to put that in me? Why is He still allowing him to get close enough to me to keep these diseases in me? When He took my diseases at the cross, why is it in me? When I believe Him to take it away, and I take cummunion every night at home, believing He is the only one who can heal me. Why did He allow the devil to put it in me?

    And why does God allow animals to suffer? They cannot speak or stand up for themselves. They cannot help it that they were born. Why does he allow them to suffer, for people (the devil) to hurt them? This breaks my heart most. I wish rather that I could take their pain and suffering. They are just innocent, they are helpless, they cannot even sin. Why must they suffer so?

    And Pastor Prince, how can I learn to pray in tongues? I want to pray in the spirit, as you say it brings healing and peace. But I can’t, I don’t know how. Why not, what am I missing or doing wrong?

    I am sure there is a way to explain this for me. As I trust our God is only good. I just wish I understood these three things. Often I imagine how incredibly amazing it would be to have coffee with you, the things I could learn!

    Thank you Pastor Prince. Your messages on Facebook and your emails and your app helps me every single day, a couple of times per day.

    May God continue to bless you and your ministry, to touch even more lives.

    Kind regards,
    Joaneen Botha
    South Africa

  • Linda says:

    Thank you Pastor Prince, I really needed to hear this. The Lord had been showing me to just believe him at his word, not matter how things look nothing is too hard for him.
    I cast all my cares on him and I felt all the stress leave. Hallelujah

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