Praise Report: From Fearing God To Loving God

I’ve picked up many books lately, looking for answers to what has been robbing me of peace and joy. Some books read well, but they never seemed to get to the root of the problem churning inside me. I would read these books for a bit and end up putting them down in frustration.


But I have just completed reading your two books—Destined To Reign and The Power of Right Believing. As I read them, I just could not put them down. It was as if the Holy Spirit was just drawing me in, encouraging me to read on. I felt God’s loving-kindness in every word. I’ve read both books within a few months, which is incredible as I’m not a big reader.


I can say—with all certainty—that my loving heavenly Father has touched, renewed, restored, and healed my heart through your books. Thank you for the testimonies included. Several of them spoke of the struggles I’ve had in my own life. I rejoiced to read the victories and breakthroughs they received through their renewed faith and trust in Jesus Christ. So much hope has been restored in me.

Having grown up in a single-parent home, I never knew a loving, present, and caring father. I always assumed that my earthly father loved me, but it was just a theory in reality. I never had the assurance of a father’s love. As a result, I felt that my heavenly Father was always angry, impatient, demanding, and unyielding, and that He was just waiting for me to mess up so that He could have the “pleasure” of punishing me.

I lived in literal fear of God and longed to be free from it. The fear often made me feel tormented in my sleep. I would wake up feeling terrified and all alone. I also thought that my terror of God would keep me loving Him and living holy—just so I would not go to hell.

I also grew up in a church that preached holiness attained by self-effort and works. I believed holiness depended on my actions. I also thought I had to be good before the blessings would come. For years, I labored to work out my salvation. I thought that if I found the right formula of behavior, I would automatically be right with God and be favored by Him.

As I read your books, God worked His healing and restoration in my heart to believe again that the God who saved me as a child still loves, appreciates, values, and cares for me today and every day. As I read, I could feel the chains of fear falling away. I have come to rest in the love of God. I know that God and I are not enemies, but loving friends.

Thank you so much for being obedient to the call of God on your life. The body of Christ needs this revelation of God’s everlasting love, grace, and mercy.

Please keep preaching this message to the nations and revealing to others that they are truly accepted by God through their beloved Savior, Jesus Christ!



The writer has requested to remain anonymous | California, US

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