Expect To Receive God’s Much-More Restoration (Part 2/3)

Wasted years, broken dreams, wrecked relationships…whatever your loss may be, look to the Lord for your much-more restoration! Join Joseph Prince in this three-part series as he shares how you can position yourself to receive God’s incredible restoration for your losses.

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Let me show you from the scriptures that when God restores something, His restoration is always greater in quality or quantity or both. Whatever the enemy has stolen from you, you can believe God for a 120 percent restoration.

“Why 120 percent, Pastor Prince?

Because it is based on the principle of restitution in the law of the trespass offering found in Leviticus 6:4–5: “then it shall be, because he has sinned and is guilty, that he shall restore what he has stolen, or the thing which he has extorted, or what was delivered to him for safekeeping, 
or the lost thing which he found, or all that about which he has sworn falsely. He shall restore its full value, add one-fifth more to it, and give it to whomever it belongs, on the day of his trespass offering.”

Here, we see God’s law detailing what a person must do to provide restitution to someone he has injured. Notice this 
law states that he “shall restore its full value, add one-fifth more to it, and give it to whomever it belongs…” The full value of whatever was lost, defrauded, or stolen plus one-fifth is 120 percent of the original value. Now, this principle of restoration was under the old covenant of the law.

How much more we who are under the new covenant of grace—a far better covenant with God, based on better promises (Heb. 8:6)—can trust God not just for a 120 percent restoration, but much more!

Notice, also, that the person brings his restitution on the day of his trespass offering. The trespass offering is a picture of what Jesus did for us at the cross. He became our substitute and was judged in our place for every trespass we committed so that we can freely receive every blessing of God, including the blessing of His much-more restoration.

If you have accepted Christ as your trespass offering, then much-more restoration is coming your way. If the enemy has stolen from you or defrauded you of the best years of your life, then in that very area that you have suffered loss, God is going to restore to you more than you had before. He is going to restore to you the years the locusts have eaten, and according to His principle of restitution, make you a gainer.

Your best days are ahead of you!


In the same way the Lord didn’t want Ruth to just survive, He doesn’t want you to just live through a miserable marriage. He wants to turn it around and restore to you a loving, intimate relationship with your spouse. Similarly, He doesn’t just want your business to stay afloat, He wants your business to thrive! He doesn’t just want you healed, He wants you healthier than before! Our Lord Jesus never brings us out the same. He will increase, improve, promote, and make everything better.

Even if you’ve made some poor decisions, don’t feel condemned. Instead of indulging in self-pity or regret, turn to your Savior and say, “Lord, restore!” and expect things to change in your favor. When you put your trust in Him, nothing in your life is beyond restoration.

Despite how impossible the situation looks, God is for you and will never give up on you!

If you feel you have been have robbed—of good health, of experiencing wholeness in your relationships, of opportunities in your workplace or career, know and believe that your loving Savior’s heart for you is to restore to you much more than you have lost. Believe that He can and will make you a gainer because of that loss. Let me show you another Scripture to establish your heart in this truth.

Look with me at Exodus 22:1—“If a man steals an ox or 
a sheep, and slaughters it or sells it, he shall restore five 
oxen for an ox and four sheep for a sheep.” What do you notice—where the loss is greater (an ox compared with a sheep), the restoration is also greater! God is in effect saying, the greater your loss, the greater His restoration to you will be! It may come through the agency of man, but it is the Lord who plans, orchestrates and brings His much-more restoration to pass in your life. And can you imagine the joy of the man who received five oxen when he had originally lost only one? He was probably happy to have lost that ox because he became a gainer after such a restoration.

So don’t be afraid if there is an area of your life that is under attack. You don’t have to accept defeat. You don’t have to live in despair. God wants you to rest in Him and humbly look to Him for your supply and restoration.

When you put your trust in Him, nothing in your life is beyond restoration. Despite how impossible the situation looks, God is for you and will never give up on you!

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  • El-Felix MacDough says:

    thanks so much. I have struggling with a sin for the past week..But i’m confident of a consistent Holy Life.
    Thank You Lord Jesus

  • Catherine says:

    Am so grateful for this article.Its come to me at the right time.Am in a season of fasting n prayer and trusting God for restoration.Thank you that was an emphasis and a word for me.God bless you.

  • MarinaVictor says:

    Dear Pastor Prince
    You are incredible, I have learnt so much through your Bible Programmes.
    Thank you solo much
    Marina Victor

  • Emily says:

    Amen. Thank you for this perfect, timely, from the Holy Spirit word. It is a confirmation for me. May our Heavenly Father continue to use you in such a wonderful way to bless and speak life.

  • Lee says:

    I need prayer and advice/counsel in these two areas…

    1. My former boss hadn’t paid me in 9 months, totalling about 20,000 USD in unpaid wages.
    It’s a long story, but I need help in seeing God’s restitution in all of this.

    2. I was hit by a car and have had a hernia that hasn’t improved. Along with the ongoing litigation and medical bills, my back hasn’t been restored to 100%. I want to be able to run a marathon one day, but this isn’t getting better.

    I read this article, along with the one before and after. I need brothers and sisters to stand with me in believing with me in this time of difficulty.


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