Call Forth What You Want To See

Death and life are in the power of the tongue…

Proverbs 18:21

When God saw darkness covering the waters, He said, “Let there be light,” and light existed. When Jesus saw a man’s withered hand, He said, “Stretch out your hand.” The man stretched it out and found it made whole.

Beloved, speak the good that you want to see, and not the bad that you may see in your circumstances. Instead of seeing yourself jobless, see yourself with a great job and call it forth. Say, “Because I’m God’s beloved, He will provide me with a fantastic job.” Then, start sending out those résumés!

Perhaps you want to get married. Instead of seeing yourself single for the rest of your life, see yourself having a wonderful marriage and call it forth. Say, “Because God favors me, I can’t wait to meet my life partner!” Then, trust the Lord to lead and position you to meet the right person!

Speak good over yourself because you know that God is for you, and step into the good plans that He has for you!

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Speak Forth What You Believe In Christ!


  • Misty Brassell says:

    I’m asking for prayer for my husresto Michael Lenoir. That his relationship with the Lord be Restored & that our marriage be restored & raised back to life in Christ Jesus. In Jesus’s name Amen.

  • anita anne ambrose. says:

    Pastor Prince and the team, All the praise reports inspires me, I am now 30 yrs in the Lord, still learning a lot, have two daughters, bought them up in the fear of God, but now they are more attracted to the worldly ways since two yrs, My husband, Paul, is a name sake catholic christian, proud, arogant, selfrighteous man, I have been struggling for 20yrs, through every angle to see him, changed,but,…no result. He want to live, his own kind of life,never gets touched by God, never agrees with anything, always has a different outlook at everything, and shows he knows everything, but in reality, knows nothing. I m fed up. Just struggling, living a carring on serial life with him.I want an answer. I want to take up a job in your ministry and serve God all my life. Pls Prayfully answer me.and do something for me. Thanks a lot. Pls keep my letter confidential. God Bless you and your family and your team. anita.anne.ambrose.

    • Renee Tan says:

      Hi Anita. I am really sorry to hear that from you. I am currently experiencing a series of communication problem with my long distance relationship boyfriend. He is a Protestant but he behaves like your husband. He makes his own decisions and disagree with all my sayings. He did not showed up who he really is and he tell lies to me, too. Even though, i feel sad but instead of crying i choose to pray and ask God to forgive him and from His strength, i speak in gratefulness that he will realise about his mistakes and come back to God. I will pray for you and your family. May God bless you. x



  • Sreelekha says:

    Thank you Pastor Joseph Prince for the Amazing way to get the Blessings from God.God Bless you to reach every corner of the world and share the Godpel of Christ Jesus.

  • Natalie says:

    Dear sisters in the Lord.just last week I told God I cannot go on ,being so confuse ,I’m done with this Christian life it’s to confusing for me.i was determined to delete all pastor princes messages and just break all ties with God ,because even though I’m listening to this message so long I’m up and down in my walk with grace.i told God this message of grace is so freeing,but sometimes it can be so complicated to me as well.i was thinking on the things that is happening in my family especially suicide and deaths and even divorce.i’ve been very disturbed by divorce lately and I have noticed that it has a huge impact on what is happening in my family.but somehow the messages pastor Prince preaches God keeps on opening up truths and I just cannot let go.ibtrued listening to some other preaches but I realise why I’m so confuse and why God Wanted me focus on Jesus in the first place.i have been believing God for restoration in every area ,my marriage especially and God seems to be doing nothing.same as you guys my husband is just as hard headed,self righteous and not even interested in God anymore since the untimely and very sad deaths of both his parents.but do you know what I’m realizing ,the more I listen to pastor princes preaching ,God is working.i refuse to diversify my teachings and listen to him only because the minute I back away all hell breaks lose in me .i noticed that God is restiring my a heart as result of a wrong believe in him.he working in me the consciousness of his forgiveness for all I have done wrong.he is helping me understand why people act the way they do.he us helping me to see where I’m walking in self righteousness as well.i realised a lot of things in me are changing towards people and he is also showing me my heart.sometimes we don’t realise how self righteous we can be until things happen.i realised with myself there were teachings I listened to that said if I want to grow spiritually I must ask God to forgive me all the time and change me and because I started that I could never see gFid loving me,because I felt that he was ashamed of that was one of the first things he started working on that I reassure his unconditional love for me and you would not believe it I sometime subconsciously still tell God to change even though he keeps ion reminding me how much his love to me is unconditional.its affecting my walk with him ,because the more u focus on the teaching of pastor Prince the more I see God not interested in changing me until I realise that his love is unconditional.i realised why it’s affecting things in my marriage and relationship.we cannot love our kids and spouses unconditionally ,because we think God loves us because we have changed.ivrealised that God wants me to love them irrespective of what they believe and doing as same as he loves me irrespective of what I’m doing and this is a area I really struggle with.i have so much more that’s in my heart ,but all I can tell you ,is to keep on feeding on the truths pastor Prince is teaching.pastor Prince said that you hear 10 sermons on grace continually and the eleventh one you can listen to mixture,you will forget all ten.before I listened to pastor Prince saying this Long before I heard him saying this God was showing me that when I back away from his teachings ,I start mixing I forget what he is teaching through the spirit of Christ.i mentioned this because I’m suffering with confusement,so I don’t really know who is speaking.i believed God led me to this this morning ,but all thisvoices in my head keep on telling me I have a evil spirit .sisters just focus on the truth and don’t focus on so much on changing your spouses and kids.i know that’s all I want God to do,but I remember a teaching of pastor Prince where he said God will not change our spouses or even kids until we accept them for who they are and even if the change come we will not notice.i always think of that because ,Gid always reminds me about him loving me for who I am and I just want him to change me ,because I don’t want people to hate him because of made me realise ,we don’t know what our spouses and kids are going through when we cannot accept them for who they are,but we say that God loves us and here they see us in all our mistakes and failing and weaknesses and we are praying for God to change them.i realised something grace really teaches us in all makes you really understanding of people ,because we can see why we are acting the way we are and will have the same consideration towards them.and this is something I realised our flesh cannot not back away from this message ,listen to it as much as possible and let His Holy Spirit lead you into all truth.i pray that God that will strengthen all of us not to back away from The truth of his Grace that is found in his Son our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.thank you pastor Prince for honouring this name and His Gospel.the only truth that will set us free.your sister in the Lord Natalie

  • Natalie says:

    Oh what wonderfull amazing and of myself i am you Jesus I’m righteous for ever husband,my kids ,my brothers and sisters i see them righteous in you lord.overlaid in gold.washed by the blood of my Beautiful Saviour.thank you Abba for this precious gift .

  • Natalie says:

    In me there is sin ,but because of You Jesus ,Abba does not see sin on you Lord Jesus there is no sin,but because of me there was sin on You Lord Jesus.what an amazing Gospel.your blood has washed me wither then snow.

  • maria says:

    Because God Favors me, I can’t wait to meet my loving life partner, companion, husband. Thank you Lord!!!

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