Praise Report: Blessed with Dream Job

I was stuck in a job that was not my cup of tea for five years and would drag myself to work every day. So I prayed and looked for a better-paying job. My wife, however, told me to ask God to give me a job where I could shine in, instead of just make more money and be financially comfortable.

However, I could not pray such a prayer because it felt like I would give to God too much control of what I wanted . But my thinking changed when I started receiving a revelation of God’s grace. I realized that God’s heart is for me to have the best in every area of life. Slowly, I started to pray to the Lord to give me a job where I could shine in.

I told the Lord that it was my desire to work in Human Resource (HR) systems and shine in such a job even if it meant a lower salary. So I applied for more than six hundred jobs and went for more than thirty-five interviews—all to no avail.

By this time, I had already left my old job. I heard Pastor Prince’s teachings about resting inwardly while continuing to do what I had to do. So I was able to remain at rest all the time as I continued to apply for my dream job.

My close friends marveled at how I could be stress-free when it was already my eleventh month of being unemployed. We have three children and both my wife and I were not working. I started taking this journey of looking for a job as an adventure, even after each rejection from different employers.

I have never enjoyed such peace before, and this was only after receiving the teachings of God’s grace from Pastor Prince, when he first preached at the Grace and Favor Seminar at Hillsong Sydney in 2007. I became stronger, more peaceful, and was even set free from depression without even trying. Indeed, only security in the Father’s love has made this possible.

Finally, I got a fixed-term job and it was exactly what my heart desired! It was a position in HR systems and in an organization that was willing to take me in, even though I had no experience in the particular product it was endorsing. The pay was also five thousand dollars more than what I’d asked for.

I knew that this job was from God because the results of the psychometric test that the employer conducted on me showed that I was not suitable for it! God opened the door when I trusted in Him. I also didn’t lack anything throughout the time of my unemployment.

Now, I have received a permanent job offer that comes with a wider job scope and higher salary.

Thank you, Pastor Prince. I pray the protection of the Lord upon you, your family, and your church. Amen.

John | Australia

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