Praise Report: Successful Pregnancy Despite Previous Miscarriage

Pastor Prince, I have been listening to your teachings for the past few years and am thankful to the Lord for preachers of the Word like you.

When I was pregnant for about eight weeks in 2015, I was desperately seeking the Lord for reassurance. I had suffered a miscarriage not long before that and I was afraid of losing another baby.

As I flipped through my Bible looking for answers regarding my fears, your sermon was playing softly in the background. Then, I heard you say there was someone out there who was pregnant and afraid because this person had been through a miscarriage before. You also said the baby would be healthy and anointed, because God’s superabundant grace was on the mother-to-be.

I was shocked when I heard that. Honestly, I doubted the message was for me and continued flipping through my Bible. Then, you repeated what you said and I decided to receive that declaration for myself. Today, my baby is ten months old.

God speaks through various channels and that day, He spoke to me through your ministry. Thank you for being a vessel for the Lord. May God bless you.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Australia

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