Praise Report: Pain In Heel Gone Instantly After Proclaiming God’s Healing

In a recent church service, Pastor Prince preached that we can freely receive healing because Jesus fully paid for it with His life at the cross.

That afternoon, I was practicing backflips in my neighborhood when I accidentally landed on my heel. I felt an excruciating pain in my right heel that was still sensitive due to a recent injury. I was quite discouraged thinking I would not be able to walk without pain for the next few days.

But I remembered what Pastor Prince had preached that morning and confessed, “I freely receive my healing that Jesus has fully paid for me. Pain, leave in Jesus’ name. I declare myself healed!”

I then checked my right heel for pain by putting all my weight on it. Miraculously, there was no more pain and I even felt a warm sensation of the Lord’s love in my heart. Hallelujah!

Praise God for loving and healing me that very instant! Thank you, Pastor Prince, for reminding me about God’s unmerited favor on my life.

Dylan Ang | Singapore

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