Praise Report: Grace Brings Restoration To Marriages

Pastor Prince, I believe God drew my attention to your book Destined To Reign. I had the book for almost three years but did not read it. One day, I decided to bring it with me while accompanying my husband to the clinic, and that was the day things changed!

As I read the book, I was increasingly awed with the truths I learned from each page. Even in the first chapter, the realization of God’s grace was amazing. I was so excited I could barely sit still. I shared my thoughts about the book with my husband and we started reading it together.

As every page, every chapter, and every word sank in, we realized that we were finally understanding the truth. The sense of freedom that overcame us was incredible! We couldn’t get enough and tried to read a chapter every night whenever possible. We would sometimes reread whole paragraphs in amazement because we had been taught something else our whole lives.

Praise God and thank you for what you have revealed to us through your book. Not only did it bring a fresh understanding of our loving Father and the unbelievable sacrifice of our Savior, Jesus Christ, but our struggling marriage has also received a boost of new life.

We started telling all our friends about your book including one whose wife was filing for divorce. He ended up getting your book, The Power of Right Believing, and it turned his world around! He asked his wife for forgiveness and their marriage is back on track! Praise God and thank you!

We cannot praise God enough for the favor and vision He has bestowed on you to share this wonderful news. I have also been watching your television show for quite a long time now and love it! Although we are struggling financially, we are learning how to give it to God and have faith that He will keep His promises. God bless you and your wonderful ministry and we look forward to a new and exciting life full of His grace.

Ingrid Godboldt | California, United States



  • amen says:

    Glory to God !!!!

  • Modesto Valdez says:

    My marriage is actually falling apart today. My wife is claiming she fall out of love, even from the start that she just need to get married to me 27 yrs ago. She found someone she fall in love earlly this year and continuing the relationship. Treat of divorce is on. We still live together with my 2 daughters.
    I am crashed and devastated and just coping everyday with pain emotionally… my physical and mind state is deteriorating…
    Thank you for all your messages in youtube where i am drawing strength. Thank you to my 3 daughters who are being strong eventhough they are stressed and hurt.
    Someday, i hope soon, and i believe the Lord will turn my situation around…
    Thank you Lord Jesus Christ

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