Praise Report: Freed From Sexual Addiction, Enjoying God’s Provision In School

Pastor Prince, I’m a university student who had been struggling with pornography addiction for five years. I tried to break free from it but couldn’t.

One day, my friend, who used to struggle with the same addiction, invited me to watch your television broadcast. After listening to a series of your messages, I learned that Jesus loves me with an unconditional love and does not condemn me for my sins. I began to rest in Him and I was freed from my addiction!

I also used to worry a lot when my poor academic grades disqualified me from joining my favorite department in school. So I began to listen to your sermons on resting in God’s provision. I meditated and confessed God’s Word daily and I’m now in my choice department! Praise Jesus!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for teaching me about my identity in Christ and God’s love for me.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Ethiopia


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