Praise Report: Enjoying Good Success In Family And Career

Jesus is so kind, magnificent and altogether lovely! He has turned my situation around and done more than I could have possibly dreamed or imagined. He has used Pastor Joseph Prince powerfully in delivering me into a truly rich and bountiful life, full of His joy and abundance!

Three years ago, I had everything going on the outside—a high powered career with plenty of financial resources and a wonderful family. The flip side was constant exhaustion from a ridiculous schedule, guilt from not spending time with my young son and husband, and stress from trying to balance it all on my own.

On top of everything, I had received mixed teaching about Jesus and believed that He expected a perfect performance from me in order for His blessings to flow in my life. I was burned out and very poor in many areas of my life, including joy.

However, Jesus was so faithful in leading me to grace.

Toward the end of a very difficult and disappointing year, my dad gave me a copy of Destined to Reign by Joseph Prince. Reading that book literally changed my life.

I began to see how Jesus paid the price for my sins to give me freedom and that it was His will for me to live an abundant life, full to the brim and overflowing. I found as many resources from Joseph Prince as I could and one of the most impactful being the CD, Live The Let-Go Life, which taught me how to follow Jesus’ shalom peace.

As I became more grounded in grace through Pastor Prince’s ministry, very gently, Jesus began to move me away from the “success” that was making me so unhappy.

My husband and I had made plans to change our circumstances so that I could be with my children on a more permanent basis. But I was unsure whether it would be the right decision because of the financial implications for our family.

Jesus answered my doubts through a CD by Pastor Prince where, completely off the topic, Pastor Prince spoke about mothers being there for their children. Jesus gave me such peace about our decision from then on.

At the beginning of 2012, I left my high-powered, financially stable job to begin my own consultancy. During that time, I was listening to Pastor Prince’s CD called, Meditate—Release The Power Of God’s Word. This, along with Pastor Prince’s daily devotionals, became incredibly powerful tools for me in staying close to Jesus and concentrating on His promises rather than on my circumstances.

Jesus was amazing in providing for us throughout the year, not just financially, but also in quality time.

I had time to draw infinitely closer to Him, time for my family, and even time for my hobbies which included finishing the writing of my first novel.

However, being still involved with corporate life through my consultancy, I struggled to walk in the peace that Jesus promised us. The old habits I’d formed with regards to stress and worry intruded rudely into the new space Jesus had provided for me. Then unexpectedly, the doors in my business began to close at the beginning of 2013.

I remember feeling confused and a little unsure at that time but Jesus spoke directly to me through Pastor Prince’s sermon message, The Key of David—God Opens Doors That No One Can Shut. That message is all about how God will close doors that no one can open and open doors that no one can close. It answered the confusions I had and filled me with so much excitement and joy.

What is amazing is that Pastor Prince had preached that message in January 2013, but it only aired here in April. I didn’t have any questions about where Jesus wanted me at the beginning of the year. I thought I had it all figured out, but by April, I felt like I was in the middle of a hurricane as I tried to open the doors that would lead me deeper into corporate consulting.

I stand in awe of Jesus because He has closed doors that weren’t good for me and opened doors I would never have dreamed possible. Jesus has opened the door to having my book published by one of the biggest international publishing houses in the world, and it will be distributed globally in August.

In just five months, Jesus has turned my situation around and done more than I could have possibly imagined!

He has given me a new career in which I can reach and inspire many more people than I would ever have dreamed possible. He has provided me with family time and time to be with Him. I know from His Word that He will bring me good success. I can honestly say I now wake up looking forward to the day with such joy and expectation of His goodness—not because of anything I have done, but all because of Him!

When I look back on the journey Jesus has brought me through, I can see His grace at every turn. I don’t know if any of it would have happened if I hadn’t been introduced to His grace through Pastor Prince because I started writing this book at about the same time that I started believing right through Pastor Prince’s ministry.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for following the Holy Spirit and having the courage to boldly preach the gospel in all of its gracious beauty!

Natasha Hardy | South Africa


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